Barsatein 25th October 2023 Written Episode

Barsatein 25th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Barsaatein 25th October 2023 Episode starts with Malini praying for Kimaya. Kriti thinks my plan worked, Kimaya got Reyansh and I got Jai, Aradhana just has to clap for us. Malini invites everyone to Shanti Puja. Reyansh says why not, we all need peace. He sits in puja. He remembers Aradhana’s words. Viren looks at Kadambari. She gets up to leave.

Reyansh says this puja is incomplete without you, you have to sit for Kimaya. Malini says yes, please sit. Reyaansh remembers Kadambari and Viren’s gaze. He sees them talking. Viren does poetry. Kadambari sings. He says I am happy to see you after so many years. Reyansh got angry. He recalls those childhood moments when Kadambari scolded him. He thinks I will end up destroying this man, Viren, I swear on this fire.

Kriti thinks Aradhana must be burning inside. Reyansh recalls Vivek and Kadambari’s conversation and his birthday when he celebrated alone. Kadambari remembers talking to Vivek about Reyanshi’s refusal. He asks if something happened? She says I don’t know. Pandit says puja is completed. Reyansh feels that peace will be broken now. He does not touch Viren’s feet. He says I will hug you, it is my right. He hugs Viren. He thinks you snatched my childhood and my father’s happiness, I will snatch everything from you. He hugged Vivek.

He says mom needs special treatment, I will go and talk to her. Kadambari asks what drama is this, you love Aradhana, why did you get engaged to someone else. He says you also did the same, family traditions, I am doing my duty, I am going to have a relationship with the daughter of the man with whom your relationship was incomplete. She asks do you know? He taunts him. She says don’t do this, you can’t marry to take revenge, you hate me so much, will you even ruin your love, three lives will be ruined. He says you started it, I will finish it. He scolds him.

He says history will repeat itself, I will marry Kimaya, Viren’s daughter will be mine, I will tell her your love story, smile, now we will just talk about love. She says you hate me, okay, I will leave you forever, I have sent divorce papers to your father, I will go away from your life, think your mother is dead. He claps and says wow, you are such a waste, you ruined my and my dad’s life.

He says you have to stay here and suffer the punishment by seeing the destruction of your lover, Viren should know how it feels to be stuck in a loveless relationship, Vivek remained in sorrow, now Kimaya will remain in sorrow, you will see it, this. This is your inheritance, come and meet your love, now you are connected to it. She says no. He takes him down. He says I should have done this earlier. He asks Kadambari to sing a romantic ghazal for his love.

She says please. He says come, everything will be fine. Everyone claps. Kadambari sings Hume Tumse…plays…Aradhana thinks I have broken Reyansh. He also sings. He asks Jai to dance, eventually they get engaged. Kadambari takes Aradhana with her. She says stop Reyansh. Aradhana says I asked him to get engaged to Kimaya. Kadambari says don’t do this. Aradhana thinks of knowing the reason for his engagement. She goes to Reyansh. He is lying on a bench. It’s raining. He drinks and argues with her. He says that I got engaged and I belong to someone else. She asks why did you do this.

Vikram says Reyansh is becoming poisonous again. Vivek asks did you tell Reyansh that you are divorcing me, why couldn’t you wait. Reyaansh says I will ruin you, Aradhana, if you come in my way, Kimaya will cry.

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