Kavya 25th October 2023 Written Episode

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Today’s Kavya  25th October 2023 episode starts with Adhiraj asking Kavya why is she ignoring him. Jaideep comes to talk to him. He says now it is your turn, we will see the preliminary assessment of the projects and now we will reach the final conclusion. He checks Payal’s project. He says you have given good result, congratulations, the best project is of Anusha, congratulations. Everyone claps. Jaideep asks about Kavya and Adhiraj’s project. Kavya gives the file.

Jaideep asks what happened, there is no progress in your project, say something. He asks Kavya what happened, she was excited about the project. He says if you can’t handle it then I can change the project. Kavya says I want to do this project alone, I don’t want Adhiraj as project partner, can you transfer him to some other project. Jaideep says you have to work with people on a project, we can’t decide it according to your comfort level. She says that our thinking does not match. He says my decision is final, thanks, we will meet soon, best wishes. He leaves.

Adhiraj asks Kavya what happened. She sits in the auto and leaves. He stops the driver and asks Kavya what happened. She leaves. He runs after the auto. He stops her and asks what happened to you, tell me. She says please leave my hand. He asks why did you get so upset with me. She says you have no honesty. He says I am following your orders. She says my hard work has gone waste. He says I did what you said.

She asks did I tell you to tell your brother to spoil our work, am I lying. He says I spoke to them, they have no rule to refuse vendors. She says great, I want to know, you think I am a fool, your brother came here and stayed in a guesthouse, why, go and ask him, why did he do this. He says Omi didn’t do this, everyone is doing good work, you have troubled me. She says I can’t rest, I have to rebuild this hospital and clear Navya’s name, Navya Bansal was my elder sister, you all made fun of her. Adhiraj is shocked.

He says I didn’t know, else I wouldn’t have joked like this, I am really sorry. She says we know each other since few days, you are worried for me, think about my family, how they felt when Navya passed away, I want to clear her name. She leaves. Man hears everything. Kavya cries and vents out her anger. Adhiraj tries to stop him. He says I am going to the villagers to tell that Navya is innocent, she was implicated in the scam.

He says don’t do that. She says I have to tell them the truth, once I tell them they will help me. He says they are aggressive, don’t do that. She asks him to mind his own business. She leaves and closes the door. he shouts. He hits the door and breaks it. He runs after him. Kavya meets the villagers and introduces herself as Kavya Bansal. She says I want help in running the hospital again. they refused. She says this will help you all, please help me.


They say we will never help you, just leave. She says hospital will open, either you help me or not, think about the doctor who committed suicide because of your faults, doesn’t his family have the right to give an explanation. The man asks if you are his relative. She says Navya was my elder sister. They get angry. She says I have lost my elder sister, but it is important to forget the accident and move ahead now, there is a need of a hospital here, please help me.

The villagers get angry at him. Adhiraj runs to him and stops them. He fools them and says I will deal with him first. He asks Kavya to come and run. they run. Men follow. Omi says I have sent goons to Sarpanch office, see how my goons will kill Kavya. Giriraj scolds him. He says don’t use your brain, just do what I say, you know Adi is with that girl, you have put Adi’s life in risk, fool. Omi gets worried and ends the call. he gets angry. Adhiraj and Kavya run, and fight the angry villagers. Dil se re…drama… Adhiraj saves her from getting hurt. He fights with the villagers.


A woman helps Kavya. She calls her husband home. The man says Kavya has come to this village, she is Navya’s sister.

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