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Barsatein 27th November 2023 episode starts with Malini asking Aradhana to come with her. Reyansh looks on. On the way, Jai talks to Neeta. He says I love Aradhana. She says she was wearing a necklace gifted to her by someone else. He says I gave it to him. She says okay, if you say then we will agree, we will keep a big party, Reyaansh and Vikram will come, I thought they will come today also, Reyaansh and you are close.

Jai says Reyaansh will not come to my wedding, he was my best friend. Malini and Aradhana left. Neeta asks who came between Reyansh and you. Jai says no one. She says Malini’s daughter’s marriage broke with Reyaansh, then that Shagun, necklace and fire, it was set up by Reyaansh, Aradhana is brilliant, she pushed you both away, Malini and Viren also separated, na. Who knows how many relationships I have formed? will break.

Jai says we can’t blame them if relations are weak, you don’t know them. She says yes, but she has taken your heart and friend, be careful, she can steal your chain. Malini gives things to Kadambari and shouts. Kadambari says I don’t have to argue, I have to practice. Malini says you should have given time to your son. Kadambari says don’t shout, I understand what you have gone through. Malini scolds him.

Reyansh comes. Malini says I am talking to your mother. Neeta asks about the merger deal with Reyansh. Akash says deal is done, but we are managing. She asks why, she has her own channel. He says yes, it was Jai’s decision. She says you have ruined everything. She argues with him. She says she doesn’t know what is special about Aradhana. Malini blames Kadambari.

She calls Reyansh a devil, who only knows how to destroy the world. She says you will not be forgiven. Kadambari looks at Reyansh. He says don’t look at me, you didn’t teach me to defend myself, deal with it. Aradhana says we have received whatever you sent. She complains about Reyansh.

She says with such actions I will get further away from him, make him understand that I am going to belong to someone else, some people have to forget the past and move on, I am getting married, this is the card. Kadambari says don’t repeat my mistake. Malini says no, Aradhana is marrying a good boy. Aradhana says he is right, Vivek always loved me, so I came to invite him, you and your son are not invited. She leaves with Malini.

Neeta says we are Khurana, it doesn’t suit us. Akash says you know Jai, he doesn’t listen to anyone. She says I have to throw Aradhana out of Jai’s life. Reyansh got angry. Kadambari consoled him. He leaves. Malini calls Kriti and asks her to meet her. Kriti asks what happened. Malini says just come and meet me. She goes to meet Kriti. She thinks I will tell the truth about Aradhana to my daughters.

She hugs Kriti and says I miss you a lot, how you came on time, I was pleasantly surprised, what should I order for you, I miss mother-daughter bonding trips. Kriti looks at him. Malini asks what happened. Kriti says you are so great, you forgot to tell us what you did. Malini says we will talk at home. Kriti gets angry and says you came to say that Aradhana is your daughter. Kriti remembers that Komal told her the truth. Malini says try to understand, I was not married, I was alone. Kriti says I understand it, that’s why you always supported Aradhana, we got ruined because of her.

Malini says listen to me, let me explain. Kriti says I need some time, alone, where are you staying, are you staying at Aradhana’s place, okay, she is your real daughter. She goes. She cries and says I hate Aradhana. He gets a call from Neeta. She shouts at Neeta. Neeta says you changed your character, got so angry. Kriti says I will hunt that Aradhana. Neeta says I want to hear this story in detail, you need a strong drink, please come.

Kriti meets Neeta. Neeta says I chose you, but Jai’s choice made your day and my life much longer. Kriti says Aradhana has snatched away Jai just to make Reyansh jealous. Neeta asks really, she looks innocent, is it true. Kriti says yes, that is a complicated story, do you want to hear about it. She tells him everything.

Neeta says Aradhana is very smart. Jai comes and sees Kriti. Neeta scolds him. Jai says Kriti blackmailed me. He scolds Kriti. He says I am with Aradhana, no one can harm her, get lost. He says mom, I am sorry to say this, if I hear anything against Aradhana then you will lose your son.
Reyansh says Aradhana is mine. He buys Aradhana’s colony. Aradhana says I will marry Jai. Reyansh challenges him.

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