Bhagya Lakshmi 27th November 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 27th November 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Bhagya Lakshmi  episode starts with Neelam’s room when Karishma comes with her and praises her for taking the initiative to confront Lakshmi.On the other hand, the sage attempts to convince Lakshmi to overcome her fear of fire, but despite his efforts, Lakshmi remains unconvinced and steadfast in her fear.Ayush asks Shalu and Bani about any childhood incident in Lakshmi’s life due to which fear of fire has developed in her mind.

Suddenly, they remember an incident where Lakshmi bravely saved a goat from a fire but later fell ill for two days as the fire affected Lakshmi’s brain.Rishi tries to remind Lakshmi how smart she is as she even fasted for her long life while Shalu reminds her how she scared away a lion in their village.Furthermore, the sage tells Lakshmi to turn to God whenever she is worried as she calls herself God’s favorite child while Lakshmi eventually smiles.

Upstairs, Karishma curses Lakshmi for behaving crazy, just then Malishka comes there and joins her in cursing Lakshmi.However, Karishma blames Malishka for whatever is happening around them and in the Oberoi mansion, which makes Malishka’s face turn pale as she fears that if Karishma finds out the truth behind Rishi and Lakshmi’s accident Went.She restlessly starts asking Karishma about the matter and the reason behind blaming her for everything, while Karishma tells her to calm down.

Meanwhile, Karishma explains to Malishka that due to her failed strategy Rishi married Lakshmi and they are living a happy married life despite Lakshmi being mentally ill.Hearing this, Malishka takes a sigh of relief and thinks in her mind that she has already started her plan and is now waiting for the result.Meanwhile, alone in her room, Lakshmi expresses her disappointment at Lord for not giving her a soft toy like the other girl.

Suddenly, the soft toy falls in front of her, causing her to jump excitedly while Rishi watches from a distance and appreciates her childlike enthusiasm.Lakshmi tells him about the same incident and expresses her happiness playfully when she suddenly realizes that the soft toy’s dressing sense is similar to Rishi’s.With this she names the soft toy Rishi and does a happy dance with little Rishi in front of her.

As Lakshmi hugs the soft toy tightly, Rishi goes into a brief fantasy where he feels that she is hugging him but in a moment, he turns away from her.Later, everyone gets ready for the puja when Virendra expresses his concern about Lakshmi’s fear while Harleen asks him to calm down.When Lakshmi feels hesitant in getting ready for the puja, the sage lovingly encourages her.

Elsewhere, Malishka shows Sonal a garland of firecrackers and reveals to her her plan to make Lakshmi wear it as part of a stall.Meanwhile, there is a heated argument between Karishma and Harleen as Harleen decides to make Rishi and Lakshmi sit in the puja in place of Veerenara and Neelam.Karishma asks Lakshmi to scold Harleen for mentally harassing her while Harleen confronts the youngest couple about the ritual of attending the puja.Furthermore, the sage helps Lakshmi to get ready for the puja.


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Q1. where to watch Bhagya Lakshmi

ANS. You can watch Bhagya Lakshmi online on zee5 or it will telecast on ZEETV

Q1. Bhagya Lakshmi upcoming story


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