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Barsatein 28th November 2023 episode starts with Kriti provoking Reyansh. He calls the contractor and says I need everything ready at 9 pm sharp. She asks what will you do? He says I will be the host of the dinner party, Aradhana will be my bride. He leaves. Jai says I hope mom likes the food. Aradhana says relax, everything will be fine. He says my mother has refined taste. He helps her in cooking. She says I will try my best to make him happy, won’t let our future get spoiled because of Reyansh. The flour gets on his nose. Jagriti and Aradhana laugh. Varun and Neeta come.

Neeta says you guys are making fun of my son. Varun asks did you imagine seeing Jai like this. Jai says I was just helping him. Neeta taunts him for cooking. She says I don’t think anything is ready, we might have come late. Jai says we will get food. Neeta says that Aradhana has influence on Jai. Bhakti comes and asks what happened.

Neeta says I was praising Aradhana’s talent. Bhakti says come, dinner is ready. Aradhana serves food. Varun taunts him about stealing plates. Jagriti says it is a silver plate. Jai says well, we needed someone to answer Varun. Neeta says food looks good, what has Jai prepared. Jai says Aradhana had made the salad, I have made everything else. Bhakti says Aradhana doesn’t know how to cook good food, she was busy in studies, but she makes good kheer. Neeta says we will start with kheer. She asks Varun to clean the spoon with tissue. Bhakti says okay, don’t take risk. Someone knocks the door.

Neighbors come and ask Harsh. Aradhana says he had gone out for some work. The person says that our colony was sold overnight. Aradhana asks what? The man says the new board has been decided, they are saying they will make everyone better. Bhakti asks how did they do this without our NOC. The man says it is good for us, some hotelier’s son, Lamba. Aradhana says that he bought the entire society. Neeta says they called us home and their house was sold.

Aradhana and everyone go to watch. He looks after the board of Aransh Society. Men discuss about it. Reyansh says I have bought this society. Aradhana looks on. Reyansh brings sweets for everyone. He says no one is eating it, I will eat it. He eats sweets. He says this was my and my best friend’s dream, Aransh, this is the proof of my love, you will get everything in this society. The man says he is an angel. Bhakti asks how did you take this decision alone, Reyansh can’t be trusted. Reyansh says I have promised someone, where he was insulted, I will bring his name with respect. She remembers her promise.

Aradhana holds his hand and takes him away. Varun says that she is marrying someone and holding someone else’s hand. Neeta asks what is this drama, Jai’s engagement broke once, Aradhana held someone else’s hand. Bhakti says she is throwing him out of her life. Neeta asks Jai to do whatever he wants. She leaves with Varun. Bhakti says Reyansh came to buy us, not the society. Aradhana and Reyansh argue. She says I will marry Jai. He says marry me, its a challenge, we will see.

Its morning, Reyaansh sees Aradhana’s pics and says those days will come back, I know you want the same, you hate me, we hate those we love. Kriti says you keep talking to her pic, Jai will marry her, do something, I hate her, I am helpless, I have come here to help you. He says marriage won’t happen, I am Reyansh Lamba, Aradhana knows what I can do.

Aradhana and Jai get busy with work. She says I will work and get distracted. Jai says it is difficult to forget first love, I also fell in love, I am doing this for you. Reyansh says Aradhana is marrying just to make me jealous. Kriti says I just want my Jai. Jai says if you have any other idea then let me know. Aradhana says thanks for supporting me. He says I am always there, take care of yourself. he goes She calls someone to meet her.

The man meets Reyansh. Reyansh says you know what to do next. The man asks why are you giving this news to your rival. Reyansh says you have to give everything for something. Aradhana thinks where is that man, if Reyaansh gets this news he will beat Jai again, Jai should not suffer much because of me.

The man comes to meet him. He asks her to give him protection. She asks him to give detailed news. He asks for water. He throws water. He asks him for water. She drinks some water. Reyaansh calls Kriti and says get ready for song and dance, there will be sangeet today. Kriti says marriage will not happen. He says there will be music. She says she is a villain He can become a hero, what if he asks Jai to marry Aradhana, don’t do it… Reyaansh thinks I will see how Aradhana reaches her music. Aradhana drinks water.

Reyansh says if you go I will lose myself. Reyansh brings Aradhana home. Jai scolds him.

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