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Barsatein 2nd November 2023 episode starts with Jai and Vikram trying to give advice to Reyansh. Reyansh asks them to leave. Vikram tells him to go to hell. He leaves. Jai also turns to leave. Reyansh says this is my marriage, now we are relatives. Jai leaves. At home, Vivek and Viren host the guests. Kadambari gives autographs to the guests. Reyansh joked on Viren. Viren says everyone likes Kadambari, she is a star. Reyansh says this is a problem, dad has to deal with his fans. He asks Viren what happened to him when he was an artist. Viren says I want peace in my life. Reyansh says great, mom look at him. Malini asks them to dance. They all dance.

Jai sees Reyansh looking at Aradhana. He asks why are you staring at him. Reyansh goes to Aradhana and dances with her. Malini and her daughters keep watching. A woman says that the girl was coming close to Reyansh that day also. Vivek stops Reyansh and says stop it now, enough is enough. Reyansh says you will thank me, I am doing this for you. Vivek says don’t waste your life. Aaradhana comes. Vivek asks what’s happening, tell me, I can’t see this. She says I got something for you. She returns the gift and says I am returning this hope, I have lost Reyansh now. Vivek says I am sorry that your love is incomplete. he goes Aradhana becomes sad. Reyansh goes after him.

He closes the door. He says you asked me for one night. She says but you refused. He says I can’t refuse you, my heart beats for you. She asks can you forget everything. He says I can just miss you. They come closer. Kimaya comes and is shocked to see them. He remembers Kriti’s words. Reyansh says I told Aradhana to stay away from me. Aradhana says Kimaya… Kimaya slaps her. Reyansh says I am with Kimaya. Kimaya leaves. Reyansh smiles.

Aradhana says it means it was a drama. He says you can’t match my madness, you love me, you won’t marry me, you chose your sister over me, your family insulted you, we are not destined for love, our love is gone. The rain is over. He leaves. She remembers their moments. She cries.

Everyone in the office and family receives MMS from Aradhana and Reyansh. Vikram, Jai and Reyansh are also shocked. Reyansh says how did this get leaked again. Jai goes to Aradhana. She asks why are they all looking at me like this. He gets the MMS video. She gets shocked.

Reyansh says you left the city because of this MMS, it has come to ruin you again, you are going to be ruined again. Aradhana asks everyone to pay attention. She says I know why you are looking at me like this, Reyansh and I had an affair, we loved each other a lot, but this MMS forced me to leave my work, home and city and when you When I found out, I won. Do not run.

Reyaansh says go back to work, don’t waste office time, you come with me. He says some enemy must have done this, Malini and her daughters will also see it. She says yes, they will hate me. He says you did this, she will choose her daughters, not you. She says I want this. He says you have also gone mad like me, I thought only I have the madness to destroy myself. he goes She says yes, if it saves Kimaya’s life then I accept this defamation. She turns and sees Jai.

Kriti shows the video to Malini. She brainwashes Malini against Aradhana. Jai asks what is this, why did you do this, I thought Reyansh did this and I have come here to beat him. She says to save her I had to become like Reyansh. He says you can’t ruin yourself for the sake of Kimaya. Kriti says Aradhana doesn’t deserve your love and respect.
Reyansh traps Kimaya. Aradhana tells everything to Viren. Viren asks him to save Kimaya. Malini says I will get Kimaya and Aradhana married.

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