Imlie 2nd November 2023 Written Update

Imlie 2nd November 2023  Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Imlie 2nd November 2023 episode starts with When Imlie refuses to give her phone, Agastya runs after her. He pins her to a pillar and gets lost in her eyes. He asks what was he saying. She doesn’t say anything. He regains consciousness and asks her to give him the phone. She runs into the house. They both fall on a bed and the bed breaks. They then get lost in each other’s eyes and laugh again. Pallo and Bulbul come inside.

Imlie and Agastya get nervous and mutter that the bed is broken, there is puja in her house, etc. They both leave while Imlie frowns. They then go home remembering what happened. She says he liked her food and came to get it. He asks what did he tell Sonali. She says she doesn’t want to. He says he respects her decision not to show him his phone. She says if he is not hers then at least he respects her ideas. He says she didn’t do it because she worked in a bar. She says she worked at a bar to meet her family needs. He says that the poor cannot justify their wrongdoings by making the excuse of poverty.

They reach home. Dadi asks where were they. Agastya says she was missing her family and so he took her to meet them. Dadi says they did good and asks them to get ready for puja. Imlie asks in Sonali’s room and sees a broken structure. She apologizes for hurting his sentiments and assures that she will not show Amrit’s bar video to anyone. Sonali taunts him not to do a good job as she knows he is afraid that his bar video will come out. His argument continues. Imlie leaves. Grandmother takes care of the arrangements for the festival feast and guides the family. Sonali watches the video and smiles. Alka asks what is she doing as her eyes say she has some plan.
Sonali leaves the house telling Dadi that it is festival season and she has some work at the shop.

Manno makes rangoli and accidentally spoils it. Imlie says she will fix it and starts fixing it. Agastya goes to her and they start bickering. Govind sang the song Angana mein aaye bahar bhauji.. The family joins him. Sonali reaches the bar and shows a video of Imlie to a man and asks if he knows her. The man says she is Imli. Sonali asks for the address of Imlie’s house. She says that she lives in Purvaiya. Imlie fills a plate with sweets for Agastya.

Dadi asks her to convince Agastya to attend the puja. Imlie goes to Agastya and asks him to join the puja. Agastya says he won’t do it as they are not a real couple. Their bickering starts again. She expresses her thoughts about how he would behave if she were his real wife. He says that if she behaves like this then he will marry her. She gives them sugar-free diet laddus. He asks if she made them for him. She jokingly says that she made it for a monkey who spoiled the rangoli. He tastes the laddu. She asks him to attend the puja for the sake of the family. He argues but then agrees.

Precap: Agastya warns Imlie to stop trying to impress his family. She says he apologized to her earlier today and is now arguing with her. He warns her to do what she came here for; Once the shares of the company are transferred to his name, he informs Dadi that he is not happy with Imlie and wants a divorce from her. Sonali reaches Pallo’s house.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Imlie

ANS. You can watch Imlie online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Imlie upcoming story

ANS. Amma ji is angry and wants to know the family details of the girl he is marrying.

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