Barsatein 31st October 2023 Written Episode

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Barsatein 31st October 2023 episode starts with Reyansh arguing with Vivek and Kadambari. Vivek goes. Reyaansh says karma will catch you, Viren and you just keep watching it, good luck. She cries. Aradhana comes to Jai and says I want to talk about Reyansh. He asks her to come inside. She says you are his friend, you know him since childhood, he is angry at his mother.

He says I know, he is never happy. She says he is doing the same thing again. He says we have to stop him, you all will be heartbroken. She says I can’t love again, he also can’t love anyone else except me, I have to save Kimaya, Reyansh will break her heart. She cries. He consoles her. He says you can express your sorrow in front of me. She says I can’t let Reyansh ruin anyone’s life, I know the pain of seeing love with someone else. He tells me too. She says but you love Kriti. He says forget it, it will be as you want, what is the plan.

Reyansh congratulates Kriti. He says you created this confusion, you said Aradhana loves me, you have to do what I say. She says ok, but what should I do. He says I will tell you. She thinks Reyansh and Jai are on my side. Reyansh welcomes Viren at Ghazal Night and taunts him. He asks will I call you papa. He says you got whatever was my father’s, isn’t it strange.

Komal asks who will listen to the ghazal. Kriti says this is Reyansh’s mother. Kimaya says that father loved her very much, he is her big fan. Reyansh is right, everyone was his fan. Kriti suggests a romantic kissing game. Aradhana and Vikram kept watching. Reyansh flirts with Kimaya. Jai kisses Kriti’s hand. he goes Kadambari songs come. Aradhana asks if everything is fine between Kriti and you. Jai says yes, why does everyone think that men don’t have feelings, some things are personal. She says Kriti is your fiancee, you love her, right. Kadambari sings Tere Bina… Viren looks on.

Kriti sees Aradhana with Jai and shows it to Malini. Reyansh says there is so much pain in your voice, sing something for love. Kriti got angry. Malini says relax, I will handle everything. Reyansh asks Viren to come and sit. He looks at Viren and taunts. He asks Kadambari to sing Hum Tumse Pyaar Kitna… Kadambari sings. Viren leaves. Malini asks what is the problem, tell me.

He says nothing, wedding functions should be done well. Reyansh says all the lovers will dance on this ghazal. He calls everyone. He says that a prize will be given for the best couple. Everyone dances. Reyansh makes the man announce the winners, Viren and Kadambari as the best pair. Aradhana says Viren and Malini ji. The man says sorry, I made a mistake, the best couple is Viren and Malini.

Reyansh says okay, Viren and Kadambari should dance. Kadambari says no, I don’t dance, my art is singing. Aradhana goes to Reyansh and says you want me to see you with someone else and get jealous, okay, it is happening, I love you, I know you also love me a lot. . Kimaya is surprised.

She tells him not to reject her love. She gets down on her knees and proposes to Reyansh. Everyone looks surprised. Reyansh joked on Aradhana. She says let them see, they should know that they are separating two lovers. He says you write poetry for my mother, get up, I know it is not easy to be rejected, Kimaya and become happy for me.

Kimaya says I can’t believe you can do this to me, I won’t tell this to mom, but everyone saw this, please go away, don’t embarrass yourself, you will look desperate. Reyansh says Kimaya is right, go, it is better for you. Aradhana left. Reyansh thinks I don’t want your love anymore, you are trapping me to save your daughter and mother, you have finished all the love, I don’t want your love anymore.

Kimaya says Reyansh, you handled her well, anyone can love you, you are very good. Reyansh asks him to touch Kadambari’s feet. He says I will make my mother happy today, I want to sing a song for Kimaya. He says I have been listening to this song Hume Tumse since childhood, I and my father used to understand her pain and used to cry a lot. He sings and dances with Kimaya. Kadambari asks Aradhana to think of something.

Reyansh and Kimaya celebrate. Aradhana says I will become very bad. Malini throws Aradhana out of the house. She scolds Aradhana for betraying them.

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