Kavya 31st October 2023 Written Episode

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Today’s Kavya 31st October  2023 episode starts with Shubh saying I want a chance to come back in your life. Kavya goes. He asks him to listen. He says I want to help you, you need vendors, I will get them. She says everyone will say that I am taking favours. He says I won’t do anything which will spoil dad and your name, give me a chance. He calls. She goes. Adhiraj comes there. He asks what’s happening.

Shubh asks who are you. Adhiraj asks why are you behind him, control your emotions. Shubh asks why, are you the watchman here. Adhiraj says yes. Shubh and Adhiraj argue. Kavya says you guys don’t have work, I have work, let me do it. Adhiraj says I did not know about Giriraj’s land deal. She says okay, I don’t want to hear it again, I don’t have time, just go, you both. She goes. He remembers good things. She calls Anjali. She calls Malini by mistake. She says sorry, I was calling mom.

Malini asks what’s the matter. Kavya talks to him. Malini advises him. Kavya hears the woman’s scream and runs to help. She calls the doctor and seeks his help. Shubh and Adhiraj help Kavya. Doctor says I will message the name of the injection, take it and give it to her. Kavya asks Shubh to bring it.

Adhiraj asks who will give the injection. Kavya says to Payal, go and get him. Adhiraj goes to Payal. She says I never handled pregnancy case. Everyone convinces him. The hospital watchman comes and says let me take my wife. Kavya says you can’t take him. He scolds Kavya. She excludes other people. She asks the watchman to help them. Payal and everyone came. She gives the injection.

They all take the doctor’s help and give birth to the child. The child does not cry. Doctor says baby is not crying, rub baby’s back, give CPR. Kavya tries hard. Everyone is worried about the life of the child.

Adhiraj says Kavya, you can do anything, remember. Doctors say to pat the child’s back and rub it vigorously. Kavya cries. The child starts crying. Everyone smiles. They all dance. Says people who…plays…Chowkidar says you gave us life again, we are poor, how will we repay this favour. Kavya says this is my duty, your wife did a lot for us, Payal did this miracle and all my friends helped me. The watchman thanks all of them. He says that this village needs a hospital, get it built. Kavya says I am trying. He remembers Malini’s words.

She says you both wanted to help me, okay, okay, you will convince the vendors, I have to finish the project soon, talk to your father etc, bring the power line here. Shubh and Adhiraj agree. The villagers come there and protest. Kavya and everyone go out. Chowkidar says Kavya saved my wife’s life, she can’t be a murderer. Kavya says calm down, listen to us. She says we have lost a lot, we should forget the past and move forward. The villagers argue.

Adhiraj says they are right, we don’t deserve their trust, we can’t trust the system, we can do one thing, we have come here for training, we will start this hospital in 5 days, in this This is also our selfishness. Shubh says I promise, I will start this hospital in 3 days. Sanjeev asks if he has gone mad.

The villager says okay, we will give you 3 days time, if the hospital is not built then we will throw you out of the village. They all leave. Kavya says you both are committed, how is this possible. Shubh says it will be done. She warns them and leaves. Shubh taunts Adhiraj.

Shubh asks Kavya to forgive him. Kavya agrees. Adhiraj says I like Kavya. He sees Kavya with Shubh.

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