Barsatein 3rd October 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 3rd October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

 Barsatein 3rd October 2023 episode starts with Aradhana and Reyansh singing. He dances with Kimaya. Everyone dances. The lights come on. Kriti thinks Aradhana, see what I do. She shows the video of Jai confessing her love to Viren and Akash. Akash says he is my son, brave.

Viren says we will become Samadhi now. Kriti says but first get Kimaya married, there is a perfect boy for her. Jai is with Reyansh. Akash says you have accepted love, the girl has said yes, she likes you. Reyansh says wow, you have convinced him and his father. Jai says we will see what happens next. Reyansh says let’s go for a drink brother. Kriti thinks Aradhana will know this now.

Reyansh and Aradhana leave. She asks him to mind his own business. He says Malini is living a good life, did she look back at you, she doesn’t care about you, she has thrown you away like my mother, this is about your mother, you tell her. Aradhana asks when can I tell her.

He says just tell him. She says I can’t tell him and ruin anyone’s life. He says ok, I will tell her. She says this time I won’t stop you, you go away from here, I don’t have the courage now, I lost all relations, everyone left me, let me be. He drops her home. He says don’t delay, tomorrow is a special day.

She asks what is special. He says launch of new channel, puja and havan, you have 21 hours left, clear the confusion, then the matter will be in my hands. She goes. Hey Sajna…plays…he thinks I know you well, you won’t fight unless I push you, I need you to be strong.

It’s morning, everyone comes to the channel launch event. Sunaina says it is good that you all came for puja, havan muhurat is a little later. Aaradhana comes. Reyansh looks at him. He hears Kriti and Komal talking about Jai. He thinks that Kriti likes Jai. Komal joked on Kriti. Aradhana fixes some beads. Kimaya takes coffee for Reyansh. He says, no, I don’t like milk and sugar mixed in coffee. Malini looks at them and smiles. Jai comes and sees them. He says this is the first time I am seeing Reyansh talking to someone so lovingly.

Malini says I am happy, my daughter is getting happiness. Jai says his future will be very good. She says you also noticed. Jai says yes, I am his best friend, he is very happy, he signs me. Malini says you have to become a Pandit today. Jai says, yes but I charge very high fees. She laughs. She asks him to talk to Vikram’s parents. Jai definitely says, his father is a lovely man. He thinks Reyansh you should tell them the truth.

He goes on a call. Kriti gets angry and pushes the stairs. She makes Aradhana fall. Jai held Aradhana in his arms. She says sorry and thanks, you came again to save me. Jai says its all good. She taunts Reyansh. Reyansh jokes at him.

Jai says you are very light weight. He asks them to come for puja. Kriti gets angry and says how long will you survive Aradhana. Virendra and Akash talk about investors. Jai says everyone will be impressed by us, you will get line of investors. Viren asks where is our hero. Jai says he is busy, we will go.

Malini comes to the bakery. She orders sweets. Beena says you should feel proud, bakery is running because of your bulk orders. Malini orders. Beena says Aradhana is there to help me. Malini says she has become your daughter. Beena says I was about to call you, something has come for you, your letters haven’t stopped coming. Reyansh says there will be an exclusive story. Tripathi says that many people will feel bad.

Viren says let the boys work. Tripathi gets a call from his wife. Reyansh says we know what we are doing, go and take the call. Viren says ok Vikram, be strong. Reyansh calls Aradhana and says 19 hours are left. Jai sees Aradhana and goes to her. He says I am a good listener. She says yes, you are really very good. He asks can we talk. She smiles and says no, I just have to convince my heart. If he says then do it, I have convinced my heart. She thanks him. He says I remember you like coffee, you have changed me. he goes

Beena asks if any old secret came out, Mimi… Malini checks the letter. A conversation takes place between Aradhana and Reyansh.


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