Barsatein 7th November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 7th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Barsatein 7th November 2023 episode starts with Jai arguing with Kriti in front of everyone. He says you trapped me in this relation, you threatened to defame Aradhana, now her MMS is leaked, why will I marry you, I will break this relation. Kriti says okay, do this, be ready to take your dad to the hospital. She pushes him and asks him to hit her. Jai gets angry. Akash and Malini come. Kriti says Jai has hit me.

Akash says stop joking, others will get heart attack, grow up Jai. Jai says I don’t want to marry her. Kriti cries. Akash says I will make him understand, he looks angry. Jai goes and closes the door. Reyaansh asks can’t you wait one day, you are stupid, you ruined your life to help Aradhana, you have to choose, Aradhana or me. Jai says don’t bet. Reyansh says you are my childhood friend, you want to support him. Jai says she wants to save you from yourself, do anything, don’t worry about me and Aradhana. Reyansh asks why, do you like her. Jai says yes, I love Aradhana, what will you do now.

Reyansh says this is Aradhana’s new plan to make me jealous, don’t fall into this. Jai says your mother Kadambari has come between you and Aradhana, you forgot everything because of her, you hate your mother, you will never get peace, if you marry for revenge, then your As despicable as no one would be, worship is not worthy of you but there is someone better. Malini asks why did Jai do this to you.

Kriti says I have to tell you something. Jai says Aradhana, I want to confess something. Kriti says Jai has bought this house in the name of Aradhana and her. Malini asks why. Kriti says yes. She shows Jai’s love for Aradhana. Jai says, I thought I was talking to you that night, I thought you are Viren and Malini’s daughter, I said yes to marriage, just for you, it was a misunderstanding. Kriti makes Malini angry.

Aradhana says no Jai, please, I am already worried for Kimaya and Reyaansh, don’t joke. Jai says I am not kidding, I stepped back thinking that you and Reyansh love each other, we both should get a chance to be happy. Reyansh asks Komal about Aradhana. She says she is with Jai. Jai says Kriti blackmailed me to defame you and Reyaansh, so I backed out, Reyaansh is ruining someone else’s life and I am ruining my life.

Aradhana says yes, you are not toxic like him, but Jai, I have become toxic like Reyansh, I know everything, I am sorry, I don’t love you, I can’t love anyone else, my I have nothing left, I have to save Kimaya. He says I am always with you, I will always help you, whether you love me or not, I will always love you, I love you Aradhana…

Jai imagines it. Aradhana asks what happened, you were not like this. He thinks I was dreaming. Viren says he hates me because of you. Kadambari says no one asked my wish for my marriage. Viren says there was love between us, but we got separated, you got married, I broke up, the day I realized should move on, I hid the past, but you left for yourself, your husband and son. Injustice has been done.

She says I did that for you. He says no, you did this for your stubbornness, my daughters are small for me, you have filled your son’s life with hatred, he has reached here. Jai says I will help you in stopping Reyansh. Reyansh remembers Jai’s words. Malini comes to Jai and Aradhana. Kadambari asks did you never remember me. Viren says I missed you as part of my life, I listened to your music and was happy, my family is my everything, you have punished my family, you can’t be the one I loved. . She says I have loved only you. He says but I have moved on, I am sorry. She turns and sees Vivek. Vivek is surprised. She cries.

Jai says you are misunderstanding. Malini takes Aradhana with her. Vivek says so this is Viren Khanna, your music and puja, its all for him, Reyansh came to know the truth so he agreed to love Kimaya, my son’s life is getting ruined because of you. , I regret that you did not accept us for Viren, who was never yours. Kadambari stopped him. Reyaansh sees Malini taking Aradhana away.

He thinks I think Aradhana has lost. Vivek gets sad and goes away. Reyansh thinks Aradhana, go, you have lost, I and my revenge have won. Malini takes Aradhana to Beena’s house. She gets Viren’s message. She packs Aradhana’s bag and asks Beena to take her out. She scolds Aradhana. Aradhana says I didn’t know that Jai…Malini says get out of this house. Beena says This city is not your property, it is my home, my husband’s home. Malini says don’t force me to close my cafe, I won’t leave this girl. She raises her hand to slap Aradhana. Bhakti comes and holds his hand. Malini is shocked.

Bhakti says Aradhana is your daughter, Malini. Aradhana cries. Bhakti says you handed over your daughter to me, I raised her with love and today you are raising your hand on her. Bhakti says she is my daughter, but she left us and came here to find her mother, you are her mother, you could not identify your blood, she is ready to ruin herself to save your family. It’s done, you are calling him characterless. Malini cries. Beena looks on.

Ansh argues with Vivek Ray. He says I have to die. He jumps into the lake. Reyansh shouts Papa. Aradhana comes there and sees both of them drowning.


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