Bhagya Lakshmi 18th October 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 18th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Sonal reminding Malishka that Rishi and Lakshmi had married before.However, Malishka says that the previous marriage took place with her consent, but this time she was not involved in it, thus stating that there is no chance of getting Rishi back.Malishka says at least she will enjoy killing Rishi with her own hands as she can’t live with him and asks Sonal to become indifferent like her.

Sonal tells him that she has changed while Malishka says that it is Rishi who has changed and she leaves telling Sonal that she is going to commit a brutal murder.Next morning, Lakshmi sees the sweets made as per the ritual and thinks she has no one to feed Ayush when he comes there.She treats him to sweets and even suggests that he pack them for the family, while Ayush suggests that he not do so as everyone except Harleen and Virendra will taunt him for it.

The sage also agrees with him and tells Lakshmi to consider the ritual complete as Ayush has eaten it.Furthermore, Ayush takes out the envelope of the honeymoon package and gives it to the couple and informs them that it is a gift from Harleen and Virendra.He asks Lakshmi to get ready as they have to go to Rano’s house for Pagphera, while asking Rishi to pick her up later.

He also asks Rishi to take Lakshmi for shopping as per Harleen’s orders.Lakshmi refuses to think about the money but Ayush asks her to accept it as a wedding gift.At Rano’s house, Shalu and Bani are talking about the newly married couple, while Rano comes there and praises her aromatic cooking.She asks them why they prepared so much food as Rishi would be coming in the evening while Shalu tells her that it is because Lakshmi and Rishi are coming together and will be leaving for their honeymoon in the evening.

Rano excitedly asks where they are going but the sisters tell her they don’t know.Rano nods and asks the sisters to make everything enough for Rishi and says that she is sure the Oberoi family will soon accept Rishi and Lakshmi.She leaves asking Shalu to make halwa for her while Bani asks Shalu if Oberoi will accept Rishi-Lakshmi.Shalu says that she also hopes that Rishi and Lakshmi will go back to the Oberoi house and stay with the family as she starts cooking, asking Bani to do the same.

Later, Rano welcomes Lakshmi home by performing puja after which Shalu and Bani hug Lakshmi.Rano asks the sisters if the food is ready and Shalu nods saying that they are only waiting for Rishi.Just then Rishi comes there and welcomes them while Rano says that she is lucky to have a high class person like Rishi as her son-in-law.Virendra then calls Lakshmi and she picks up the phone to bless him.

Harleen takes the call from Virendra and tells Lakshmi not to worry about the family.She also blesses Lakshmi and disconnects the call thinking that Lakshmi will have to learn to live without her family.On the other hand, Malishka buys a truck from a truck driver and demands that he teaches her to drive it.He questions how he can teach her in a day and she says she has driven many things and will learn this too.Meanwhile, Rishi-Lakshmi and others eat while Shalu and Ayush joke about Rano’s English.

Shalu asks how the food is and Ayush teasingly says that it is a little below average while Rishi tells her not to listen to him because it is delicious.Lakshmi tells Rishi not to scold Ayush while Shalu tries to take the plate from him.He says she is second best after Lakshmi and they laugh about how Lakshmi Bhabhi is the best in Ayush’s eyes.Later, Rishi and Lakshmi are returning from shopping when Malishka sees them and starts driving the truck behind them saying that they have come to her to die themselves.

She says that this will be their last day, while on the other hand Sonal worries about Malishka saying that she will soon regret it.She wonders what she should do and thinks she can’t even go to Neelam.Rishi sees a bike driver driving fast towards them and he turns the car, stops and gets out of the car to shout at the man.Lakshmi’s mangalsutra breaks and she tells Rishi that she feels her life is in danger upon returning to the car.


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ANS. You can watch Bhagya Lakshmi online on zee5 or it will telecast on ZEETV

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