Imlie 4th October 2023 Written Update

Imlie 4th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Imlie 4th October 2023 episode starts with Imlie returns home. Mother asks her to change her dress soon otherwise the evil Pallo will notice her and find out that she is doing the job of a chef. Imlie says Agastya removed her from the job of chef. Mother asks her not to worry as she will find some other job, he is her son, not daughter.

Imlie asks if her liquor differentiates between a man and a woman. Mother says no. Imlie asks if this erases her sorrows. Mother says this helps her forget her sorrows for a while. Imlie drinks soda and starts venting out her anger on Agastya. She finally asks her if it is a sin to be poor, how will she behave with Ashu now, what will she answer to Kairi when she moves up. Mother consoled him and assured that she would find a solution.

Agastya recalls Imlie’s lie and her firing him from the job. Sonali comes in and says she heard how he fired the chef and how he lost the investors. Agastya says their spy network is very strong, so they should also know what Imlie does. Sonali says he was boasting about his business sense and he paved the way for losses in the business, now he will answer to Dadi, who knows Dadi may change her mind of transferring the business in his name In the living room, Govind sings a song and tells Dadi that the singer was singing very well at Gattu’s engagement party yesterday. Dadi says the girl was singing well, but Alka ruined the party with her objection.

Govind says the singer was doing her work, Alka made a fuss over a small thing. Alka comes in and asks him to bring a singer home and when Rajni cries, she should tell him the same. Dadi asks her how long will she repeat the same words, its been 20 years now.

Alka says old wounds don’t heal, Agastya is step son and what if he follows his father’s footsteps and brings the singer home once. Grandmother warns him to watch his tongue and says that Agastya values his family’s dignity and will never commit any mistake that will bring dishonor to his family. Sonali says Agastya has already made a mistake by firing the chef.

Imlie sleeps on a cot. Mother prays to God to remove Imlie’s troubles. Pallo with Bulbul wakes up Imlie and yells at her for taking a chef’s job and getting huge salary for cooking in a party tomorrow and not giving her 50% share. Imlie refuses to give her money and says that Pallo’s house is run by her salary and if she leaves Pallo’s house, Pallo will have to beg for food. Pallo stands angrily. Dadi asks Agastya why he fired the chef.

Agastya thinks if he tells her that the girl is a bar singer, Alka will feel bad; He says that girl is bad for his business. Sonali says Agastya did a big drama by organizing a superchef competition and chose that girl, investors were ready to invest Rs 10 crore in his business after tasting the chef’s food, but Agastya removed that chef. Gave and his business suffered losses. Dadi tells Agastya that he did wrong by removing that chef, he should judge a person by their work and not by their nature, he should keep his personal likes and dislikes aside and think about improving his business. Needed

Bulbul tells Pallo not to throw Imlie out of the house otherwise who will do the household work. Pallo scolds him to stop being lazy and earn some money. She asks him to call Amrit and rob some money from him. Bulbul calls Amrit and talks lovingly to him. Amrit asks if she was the singer in the party yesterday. Bulbul says she was singing for him, but he hasn’t given her the reward yet. Amrit says he will reach the bar soon and give him the reward there.

Bulbul gets scared. Pallo asks him to disconnect the call. Bulbul says her lie will be caught now. Pallo asks her not to worry as she will find a plan. Govind tells Agastya that the entire family’s efforts are put into their family business, so Agastya should not take a decision that dishonors everyone’s efforts. Agastya thinks that Dadi is right, he should keep aside his personal likes and dislikes and think about improving his family business.

Precap: Imlie sings Sheesha Ho Ya Dil Ho… song in a bar. Amrit makes rukus and tries to touch Imlie. Imlie slaps him. Agastya reaches there.


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