Imlie (Imli): future Story! Agastya Saves Ashu

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In the future story of Imlie, Agastya will save Ashu who is also his nephew.

Imlie’s ongoing track story revolves around Ashu’s condition worsening when it starts raining in the middle of the night.

As per the latest twist of the show, when Imlie goes to Choudhary house to seek Agastya’s help she asks the hospital guard to keep an eye on Ashu.

Meanwhile, Ashu searches for a crying Imlie when he encounters some goons from whom Agastya saves him and also brings him to the hospital.

As per the upcoming promo of Imlie, Imlie will also save Agastya’s grandmother as everyone else in the family is busy.

Will Agastya realize that he already shares a bond with Ashu that he doesn’t know about as he is his elder brother and Carrie’s son?

Let’s watch Imlie’s future episodes to see how Ashu brings Imlie and Agastya closer and they don’t even realize that they are actually getting closer.

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