Titli 8th October 2023 Written Update

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Today Titli 8th October 2023 episode starts withwith Megha convincing Garv for a therapy session. She asks him to answer honestly. She asks what kind of wife you had imagined. He says I didn’t think of it, but Titli is the best. She asks what qualities do you want in your wife. He says who listens to me, I liked controlling people, I thought a simple girl would be right, so that she doesn’t question me. She smiles and thinks I will never question you.

He says, but my thinking was wrong. She asks why. He says I got to know this from Titli, she loved me a lot, she never encouraged me for wrong, she makes me realize my mistake, girl and boy both are equal, she changed my thinking. . She asks him to have coffee. She spills it on his clothes and says sorry, you can go to the washroom and clean it. He says ok. he goes She says, very soon you will realize that I am perfect for you, I have to make this session romantic. Titli hears this and thinks Megha has made a good plan, but sadly it won’t work.

Chiku draws a picture. Manikant brings chocolate for her. Chiku got scared. Manikat says don’t be afraid, I have brought chocolate for you, I won’t do anything, Pinky promises. Chiku takes chocolate. Manikant sees the picture and asks did you draw it, it is very good, who made you draw the picture. Chiku says Garv, Titli, cuckoo and me. Manikant asks and me? Chiku says why, you don’t love me, they love me, they don’t scare me, I am scared of you.

Manikant cries. The cuckoo says let the tears flow. She says Chiku, draw more pictures, its good. She says tears don’t know whether it is flowing from man’s eyes or woman’s eyes, it is a way to lighten the heart, don’t stop it, I have not come to trouble you, I can understand your tension. So Titli and I decided not to tell anyone anything until Chiku recovers,

Chiku needs time, you take time to recover. Manikant asks what do you want. She says you lied about Chiku, you have a chance to rectify it, we can’t change the past, we can try to change ourselves and our mistakes. Chiku says I corrected my mistake, I included her in the drawing. He asks what should I call you, should I call you friend. Manikant says yes. He sees the picture and gets emotional. The cuckoo caught him. Maina comes and looks angrily. The lights go off. They wonder what happened to Roshni?

The Titli removes the fuse. She says it was necessary. She hits the stream. Dhara asks how did Roshni go. Dhara says don’t know, I was watching TV. She gets a call from Chintu and asks to talk to him. Dhara says no. The Titli insists and goes away. The stream answers. Chintu says I want to talk to you, I liked Drishti and told her my feelings. He tells all about the vision and the flow.

He says I did a big mistake, the girl I was searching for was in front of me, I didn’t understand, Dhara understands me well, I thought it was friendship, how will I tell this to Dhara, I don’t understand. Afraid that she will misunderstand, will I tell Dhara my feelings, will she refuse. He is shocked to see Dhara. Dhara says I will not refuse. they smile.

Titli asks Chiku to help her. He asks him to tell him the work. She says promise me, this will be our secret. He says pinky promise. She tells him. He laughs and says okay. Garv cleans his clothes. He wonders how the lights went off. The Titli comes there. Garv smiles and holds her. He romances her. She says go down now, everyone will be there, they might get hurt.

He says yes. They come out and see the candles. She says I will tell you later, come. Megha looks at Chiku and thinks he is proud. She says I think the universe also wants us to sit together, talk and know each other. He turns and says you got scared. Candle falls and catches her saree. she shouts. he runs away. She shouts to Garv. Titli comes and sprinkles water. Light comes.

They both argue. Titli says everyone trusts you, think well and take decision, otherwise you will lose the license, make perfect report for Garv and submit it, leave home. Megha asks him not to fly high. Titli says I don’t want any chance to throw you out of this house, I respect you, I don’t want you to be insulted, don’t take advantage of my goodness. Feel proud. Titli says her saree caught fire. Garv asks are you fine? Megha nodded. Titli says I came to save him, he promised me, he will submit your report tomorrow.


The doctor caught Chiku. Garv comes and saves him. The doctor says you can’t take him like this. Garv says i will see


Q1. where to watch  Titli

ANS. You can watch  Titli online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1. Titli upcoming story

ANS. There is an argument between Megha and Titli and Titli asks her to leave after submitting the clearance certificate for Garv

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