Katha Ankahee 25th October 2023 Written Episode

Katha Ankahee 25th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in Katha Ankahi 24th October 2023

Today’s Katha Ankahee 25th October 2023 episode starts with¬† Viaan also showing his frustration. He cries and says that even though she is asking him to move ahead in life, he will not be able to do so. Katha says that the truth is that she too has not been able to move ahead in life. She sees Raghav asking her if she loves Viaan. She hears him asking her repeatedly if she doesn’t love Raghav at all. He demands answers from her but it all turns out to be a figment of the imagination.

The audience cheers for Viaan as he continues talking about his one-sided love. He says that he will find happiness even in their hatred and will keep writing inspired by it.
Aarav overhears Raghav’s parents talking about how happy and prosperous their family atmosphere has become since Aarav and Katha arrived there. Aarav smiles happily hearing this, but he turns serious when he explains how Aarav has gone through so much turmoil at such a young age.

Aarav recalls his moments with Viaan and feels his anger rising. He shouts and asks Viaan to go away from his life. Katha consoles him but he keeps crying and asking why Viaan hurt him.
Katha asks Aarav to forgive Viaan wholeheartedly so that she can move on. Aarav says that his dream was broken.

Katha tells him that life is very unpredictable and they need to keep filling their lives with happy moments. Aarav says that he loved Viaan a lot so he still misses her and she comes in his dreams which makes him excited. Katha calms him down and says they can move ahead. Viaan talks to Ruhi and Raghav. Raghav insists on talking to Viaan further and sends Ruhi home. There is a good bonding between Viaan and Raghav.

Raghav tells Viaan that he has broken her heart with his emotion filled poetry. Raghav hugs Viaan and says that reading his poems feels like he is talking to him. He says he wants to know Viaan’s pain and tells that he is sure her heart is broken. Viaan asks Raghav who has broken his heart. Both share drinks and poetry. Raghav says he can’t believe that someone can leave a simple minded and calm person like Viaan. Viaan starts a poem and Raghav completes it. Viaan says that his memories with her are very beautiful.

Katha tells Viaan to make his future beautiful and not worry about what happened in the past. Viaan says that he had been waiting for months just to see her once but when he reached her house, she was already gone. He says he hopes she meets him once before he leaves. Viaan keeps getting emotional. Raghav encourages her to share her feelings. He asks Viaan to come with him and they leave together. Both are intoxicated and keep reciting poetry. Raghav gets shocked to see Viaan suddenly breaking down. The episode ends with Raghav taking Viaan with him while Katha is unable to sleep.


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