Katha Ankahee 27th October 2023 Written Episode

Katha Ankahee 27th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in Katha Ankahi 27th October 2023

Today’s Katha Ankahee 27th October 2023 episode starts with In the morning Viaan is standing when Ahsaan calls him, Viaan says that he is not able to understand and he feels that he should not have come to the office so he should go, Ahsaan asks him to calm down and asks what he is doing about it. What will he do without the office and requests her to calm herself down as she will get used to the office, Viaan thinks what will he do here without her, Ahsaan says he knows their love story started here but he It should start slowly, Ahsaan offers to give updates to Viaan about the new projects here and after signing some papers, he asks Jeetu Bhai to arrange some food for everyone in the office. , while he asks Viaan to go to his office.

Viaan stands near the stairs and sees Katha in the cabin, she signals him to eat something but he suddenly realizes that Katha is not in the office.Katha is sitting with someone who is surprised and asks if Viaan came to Raghav Sir’s house, he says that it is destiny that both of them are meeting. The story tells that she only knew that Raghav’s friend was staying and when she went near the bathroom she saw him but she thought it was just a coincidence but then she discarded the idea, the person says that They both are in love then why is she doing this.

Katha tells that she knows the whole truth that Viaan and her love have created a lot of problems not only for her but for the people around her, Katha tells that she knows that this decision of hers will take her away from Viaan But he is happy with it and does not want to look back at the events that happened in the past.Viaan starts going towards the cabin but Ahsaan stops him when Viaan says that he does not want anyone in Katha’s cabin because it is not right and she will not like it when she comes back, Ahsaan tells Katha that when she Call ma’am.

Viaan is shocked to see Liza, Ahsan reveals that she has joined Earthcon in the design department and works to bring the project to life a little. Ahsaan tells Liza that Viaan wants her to vacate the department, at first Liza doesn’t understand but when Ahsaan gives her a hint saying that Viaan is demoting her, she immediately tries to explain his point. When both Ahsaan and Liza start smiling, Liza tells that Ahsaan doesn’t even let anyone sit in the cabin but she went there only when Ahsaan was not here, she says that the whole office is waiting for Katha to return. . Ahsaan asks if she will come back, when Viaan says he is sure she will.

Katha tells the man that she sometimes feels that this is all Baba Ji’s plan and he deliberately brings Viaan back into her life, he says if this is Baba Ji’s plan then they both will talk about it. What can we do, Katha says she doesn’t want to talk about it so takes out her laptop and explains that their program is tomorrow, Katha agrees with her and says she has to talk to Raghav very soon. Have to talk because they need to get married.

Raghav is sitting in his office when the nurse informs him that the women from the NGO have come, Teji and Farah enter the office and reveal that they run an NGO for underprivileged children, so wish if Raghav could find someone for them. So that he can organize the session, Raghav says that he has indeed done so. Highly Respected Raghav congratulates them for it. His work says that those who get proper guidance can live a good life.

When Farah comes out she asks the assistant where is the toilet, Teji sees the assistant setting the photo frame and after picking it up she is shocked to see Katha and Raghav together, she can’t understand what she is doing. Is watching.

Katha is sitting with the guy when Viaan and Ahsaan also come to sit in the café with Liza, she says that she never thought he would come out with them but Viaan says he needs a break, Liza tells That he is very excited to hear her love story. The narrative sounds interesting, she apologizes if he has touched her past memories, Viaan assures that he will narrate the story so Ahsan leaves saying that he will bring coffee for them while They should talk.

Teji is very shocked when Farah also comes and sits, Teji explains that they need to go now but as they get up, Raghav enters the cabin so Teji says that they need to go while their office. Someone from will call him to discuss the details. Raghav asks if he can do something for them but Teji turns to leave but sees Viaan’s book on the shelf and asks about it when Raghav says it is by a very young poet who is very interested in it. Well and his poems are about love and life.

Viaan is sitting with Liza when he says that he thinks everything has to end well, Liza sees Ahsaan who is about to leave the coffee so goes to help him, Viaan tells the story.Vyaan gets shocked to see her sitting there and gets up to walk towards him. Ahsaan and Liza stop him, he excitedly tells them that Katha is sitting behind them but Ahsaan and Liza turn and say that she is not here, Viaan gets worried. When Ahsan calms her down, Liza says that she comes in his dreams and will appear before him very soon.

Katha is walking with the employee who offers her some passes for the program and says that she should come on time, Katha says that she should keep the pass when he says that she should deliver it to the coffee shop, Katha Tells she thinks he should keep it close and get married quickly, he walks away saying she doesn’t even wear her ring and says it’s great with their generation because they say everything honestly. Are.

Viaan is with Liza and Ahsaan when he says he will go and get his coffee, they bump into Katha’s employee who recognizes Viaan who asks if he knows him when the employee says that Viaan needs his book Katha. Who wouldn’t know because of the eyes, he asks if Viaan has seen him today to which Viaan gets shocked and asks how does he know this, he replies that he is also a face reader so Ahsaan asks that What does his face say about him? The employee tells that he is going to get married. Hearing this, Liza also asks him to study his face but he says that he is a simple man and never talks about any girl. Not wanting to reveal the secret, she leaves after taking the pass while the staff becomes worried wondering what would happen if Viaan comes to the event.

Liza asks Ahsan to come with her as he is still single but Ahsan replies that he is committed and what if his fiancé finds out the truth, she asks if he doesn’t care about her but says Finding that Ahsan is very selfish, they both get into an argument. Vian calms them both down by explaining that the favor is not fulfilling being a friend but is happy that he did it for his sister, he offers to take Liza tomorrow but just for a moment. .

When Katha enters Raghav is in the office so he takes the cookies in excitement, Raghav asks if this means she has also started loving him a little.

Precap: Raghav asks what is she doing tomorrow when she says there is an event tomorrow, Katha is preparing the parcel. When Aarav asks who is it for, she says for someone who really loves Kavita. like,

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