Barsatein 27th October 2023 Written Episode

Barsatein 27th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Barsatein 27th October 2023 episode starts with Aradhana meeting Kadambari. She says Reyansh is ruining himself because of you. Kadambari asks why didn’t you stop me. Aradhana says there is bitterness in her life because of you. Kadambari says you did not bear my pain. Aradhana says you gave your pain to your son, his life got ruined, he is also doing the same. Kadambari says my father fixed my marriage with Vivek, I had lost my love, I am a bad mother, but my emotions were snatched away from me, I had nothing left, I had promised Vivek that I will try, but my past came in front of me, I could not go to Vivek on the anniversary day.

Aradhana says that is why you did not come back home, who is this person, what is the relation of Reyansh and Kimaya. Kadambari says that I did not know that my past would come and stand in front of me. Aradhana asks who are you talking about. Kadambari says Reyansh is taking revenge from Kimaya. Aradhana asks Viren Khanna. Kadambari cries and says yes, Viren and I…. Hate me if you want, but please stop Reyansh. Aradhana comes to meet Reyansh.

He says I won’t let you ruin Kimaya’s life. Reyansh says you think I will marry you, you will throw me here and there for the sake of your mother and family. Malini talks to Kriti. Kriti says I also want to talk to you, my friends were asking about Aradhana, she was flirting with Arnab, then Jai, Reyansh and Ankush. Malini says I think she is hiding about her past. Kriti says that when Reyansh’s father revealed his real name, I did research and came to know that Aradhana and Reyansh were together in Delhi, so she filed a Me Too case against him. Malini asks what? Kriti says that Reyansh came here after changing his name.

Reyansh argues with Aradhana. He asks who is your father, it is all mixed race, my mother loved Viren, he married your mother, luckily there was no relation between us, it is very confusing. She says you are ill. He says I am very ill, did you see your father crying and demanding your right from your wife, I have seen, Malini left you, Kadambari didn’t leave us, they showed that we are unwanted, we.

Love is a thorn in their path, and the man who never brought happiness to my home, who is very happy with his wife, three daughters and a huge business empire, ruined my father’s life. He drinks. Aradhana cries. He says that now his daughter will see how much suffocation takes place, she has to feel this pain. She says no, I will not let you ruin Kimaya’s life. He says Viren will cry for his daughter, if you even come in my way, I will ruin you. Kriti says you gave him so much importance, he is becoming a problem for us. Malini says no, I can snatch my love from him. Kriti hugs her and thinks I love you mom, Aradhna pack your bag.

Viren meets Kadambari in the café. He asks why are we meeting here, is everything fine. She says no. They have a conversation. He says that we have become just memories for each other, who thought that our children will love each other one day. She says Reyansh and Kimaya’s marriage…she gets a message. He says sorry, office, family, wife, three kids, everything changed, I am happy our kids love each other, maybe that’s why our love couldn’t succeed. Malini says you are asking me to break this engagement. Aradhana says Kimaya is dear to me, Reyansh is not good for Kimaya. Viren says we were ghazal, but this is not our time, we will keep meeting now, we have become relatives, I will go now. He grabs her and says, thank you for making me a part of your music. He leaves.

Aradhana says Kimaya is innocent, Reyaansh is mad, if he hurts her then…he doesn’t love Kimaya. Malini gets angry. She says you are asking me to trust you and break this engagement. Aradhana says her heart will break once, come, I have to show you something. Aradhana and Malini go to Kimaya’s room to meet Reyansh. Malini says Aradhana told me the truth, you don’t love my daughter, you are going to break her heart. Aradhana says I had to tell her, Kimaya’s safety is most important for me. Kimaya comes. Reyansh praises him.

Kimaya smiles. She says I didn’t know you were so romantic. He says that if our children don’t see love between us, they will think that they are unwanted, they will become toxic and crazy, so I think we should express love. Malini says Reyansh is right, I am sure you will keep Kimaya very happy. Kimaya says Reyansh is cute, why did you ask me to wear saree when we are going to watch the movie. He says I want to show the world that you are very beautiful. he gives her earrings

and asks her to wear it. She nods. Malini asks Aradhana to come with her to talk. Aaradhana goes.

Aradhana proposes to Reyansh. Kimaya asks Aradhana to leave.

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