Katha Ankahee 2nd November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 2nd November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in Katha Ankahi 2nd November 2023

Today’s episode of Katha Ankahee 2nd November 2023 starts with Paranav tells Katha that they have received an inquiry from Viaan about her profile as he is looking for her, Katha says she should tell them that they cannot give personal details as they are confidential, Paranav asks if they can fulfill the request. But Katha stops him saying that she knows the address of both his office and home so she will visit him whenever she wants. Katha changes the address on the profile after which she asks Parnav to send this address when Parnav replies that they will have to see if Viaan goes to Bangalore, Katha stops him explaining that she has moved on and Raghav. He is a good person but if Viaan goes, everything will be ruined. This comes to life so she asks him to send it.

When Ahsaan sees the profile he is sitting so asks Viaan to come and see the address, Viaan calls a contact in Bangalore to confirm this address seeing which Ahsaan asks if Katha doesn’t want to meet him. Why is he not thinking about what will happen. Vanya becomes angry telling him that he was in jail for the last eight months and demands to know why she didn’t wait for him and move forward then Vanya replies that they can’t understand what he is feeling. 

Viaan gets a call back from his contact who tells him that the credentials do not match so it must be fake. Viaan then calls Singles Meet and asks about the woman who came to the competition when they say she works at an event organizing company, Viaan replies that he was just confirming the name because he had to send her a gift. needed. Viaan is confused wondering why he changed the address, Ahsan shows him the location of the café they went to and Liza gets the pass so Viaan goes.

Katha is sitting with Parnav when Raghav comes giving a diary to Katha, Parnav immediately takes it and requests Raghav to bring a diary for him too. After this Raghav immediately gives a bag to Parnav which contains diaries for Parnav and his entire team, when she says another member of the team also comes. Katha is very lucky because Raghav is a very nice person, Raghav tells that he needs Katha’s hints on Aarav’s school camp papers, and also tells that he has brought something for Aarav which he will show him when he comes back.

Raghav asks if Katha needs any help for the party, she says if she likes she can invite anyone, Parnav turns to Parnav and the other team member invites them both. ,Parnav is getting continuous calls so he leaves explaining that he will return. Katha asks Raghav if he doesn’t want to go somewhere, when Raghav replies that he has thought about helping her today, Katha questions what he can do when Raghav tells that he knows that. He will bring coffee for her during the break when Katha tells that they are already sitting in a coffee shop so she requests Raghav to go and stay with Aarav as he will be packing a lot of things.

Parnav answers the call when Ahsaan asks if he works with Katha, so Parnav gets worried and asks if he is following them, when Ahsaan tells that he should tell Katha that Viaan is coming to meet her. Parnav goes to Katha and requests her to come to the rest room but Katha says that she will face whatever happened between them but Parnav replies that Katha herself was running away from this situation.

While walking Viaan bumps into a kid so he apologizes to the boy for whatever happened then Raghav also suddenly meets Viaan when they both agree to meet however Viaan says that Raghav will call him. But Raghav replies that he has paid the price for his contact. Then Raghav invites Viaan to the celebration party tonight.

Ahsaan calls Teji to tell him that Viaan has found Katha and has gone to meet him today, hearing this Teji becomes worried when Ahsaan suggests that she should let it happen as it is best for both of them, Ahsaan also tells Vanya that they should let this happen.

Viaan tells Raghav that he doesn’t want to spoil the moments they spend together so Raghav agrees and then asks Viaan to come to the party tonight, Viaan says he is here to meet the women who were in his life, Raghav asks if he can be of any help but Viaan refuses so Raghav asks him to share his contacts and explains that whatever happens whether good or disappointing, Viaan tonight. Can come to him at the party and forget everything.

Viaan enters the coffee shop and goes straight to Parnav and asks if the address is wrong, Parnav replies that he has sent the information he knows about, however Viaan stops Parnav by saying That he knows the address is wrong, and also knows that the narrative works in this program. Company which Parnav tries to refuse but Viaan angrily tells that he has seen Katha in a singles meet and more importantly, he has seen her eyes, so knows that she has not moved on. Katha becomes emotional after listening to the conversation. Viaan angrily says that he

Vyaan wants to talk to Katha and where she is, Parnav hesitantly replies that he can’t tell her, Viaan says that means he knows it and asks if Parnav knows how much he has feelings. Viaan gets angry so pushes Parnav away explaining that he should not give so much importance to himself in his story and where is the narrative, he comes out of the corner and asks Paranav to let him go. She says. Katha stands in front of Viaan and says that their story is over so she should leave, Viaan asks why she doesn’t meet him, Katha says that she herself sent the wrong address because she never wanted to meet him.


And their story was over, Viaan says this is wrong because the story never ends and the story ends. Viaan asks Katha to look into his eyes and speak the truth but she replies that she does not want to look into his eyes. Viaan asks why she is lying but Katha says that she is leaving, Viaan asks her after breaking her because it can’t happen and he says that he will follow her till the last moment, mentioning that That what was there in that short time when they both loved each other so much, or meant so little, that she simply moved on.

Katha tells Viaan that it is enough when he says that she should speak the truth with such intensity. Katha replies that she never wants to go through those memories again because he can do whatever he wants in his life but she has moved on and he too should move on. Viaan says running away doesn’t mean moving on, he says he has loved her too much but she should respond however the narrative goes, Viaan says he has loved her too much and she doesn’t deserve this, Because he has already suffered the punishment, Parnav brings water for Viyaan, after drinking he leaves.

Viaan enters the room thinking how Katha said that she never wants to start anything new with him and whatever was between them is over, so she should also move on with her life. . Viaan runs to bring photos of their wedding festivities and questions why Katha is doing this to him, as it is not right. Viaan gets emotional saying that Katha will be ruined and even he will be ruined, Viaan sits on his bed looking at the pictures.

Katha also enters the house when the worker says that he wanted to ask her about the menu for the event, Katha says that she will look into it but has the stuff been prepared for Aarav.

Precap: Viaan tells Katha that they both are in darkness and they need the light they both have for each other. Viaan is with Teji when the worker brings a card from Dr. Sehgal’s house. Raghav tells Viaan that now is the time for Viaan to meet his love, the light gets extinguished when Katha stands in front of Viaan with a candle.

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