kumkum Bhagya 2nd November 2023 Written Update

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Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 2nd November 2023 episode starts with Ranbir drinking tea with Prachi and he says it has turned out perfect and sweet. They say it has too much sugar in it. Prachi hits him. Ranbir says this is domestic violence and she will not kill her husband. Prachi says husband’s ways are like this. He asks how can I live without you. She says how were you living till now. He says he has an idea and walks out. He tells everyone that he wants to tell them something.

Vikram asks if everything is fine. Ranbir says yes. He says that some time ago Pandit ji called me and said that the wedding auspicious time is the day after tomorrow. Everyone becomes happy. Akshay looks worried. Khushi comes there and gets happy hearing this, and asks Ranbir to bring bright clothes etc for her and says she will apply lipstick and asks Prachi.

Manpreet says no one will stop you. Khushi becomes happy. Mihika gets upset and thinks she was promising me and now she is saying so. Akshay tells that his Prachi is marrying Ranbir, he did not think that so much will change. He says there is a problem, and tells that they all know that they will not get the venue so soon, so we will find the muhurat after 10-15 days of getting the venue. Ashok says there is no need for a venue as they will get married at home. Vikram agrees. Ranbir says he will arrange clothes for everyone. Pallavi asks him to think as it is a big responsibility.

Dida says that we will do this marriage in this auspicious time and will not delay for the auspicious work. Vikram says yes. Pallavi says this marriage will happen day after tomorrow. Ranbir asks Akshay if he has any regrets or complaints, and says he will eat sweets. Akshay feeds sweets to Prachi and Ranbir, but when Ranbir gives him sweets, he ignores him and leaves from there to give sweets to Ashok.

Mihika comes to Akshay and asks him to dress her for Ranbir and Prachi’s wedding. She says you were feeding sweets to everyone. Akshay takes the clothes and asks her to leave, and get out right now. Mihika asks how would you feel if Prachi is with Ranbir and you see their family photos, and how would you feel if Prachi gets pregnant again with Ranbir’s child and what will that child say to you, uncle. Vishakha comes there and asks why are you provoking her. Mihika says you couldn’t do anything as a husband and at least become a man. She leaves after lighting a fire in his heart. Akshay got angry.

Later, Ranbir and Prachi talk on call. Prachi says why would any boy call me. Ranbir says that this is the boy who loves her. Prachi says she doesn’t know him. Ranbir says I will ask her to love someone else. Prachi gets angry and says tell all the girls that you are mine. He says my tigress has woken up. Prachi says she knows he doesn’t love anyone and talks nicely to the girl to make me jealous. He asks Prachi if she is missing him. Prachi says no.

He says if you believe how much I miss you, you will tell me the truth. He knocks on her window and she opens the window to find him. He says he was missing her and she gives proof of it. Prachi says she also missed him a lot. Ranbir says don’t miss me anymore, I will come to your house on horse. He says I was missing you, and I saw your pic, but came here to find peace for my heart. Prachi says he has become poetic. He says he wants to tell her something and kisses her cheeks. Prachi smiled. Ranbir goes. Prachi smiled. Let me play with your love…

Khushi wakes up and sees Akshay sitting in her room. She asks if anyone scolds you and asks why are you crying? Akshay says your Ranbir papa is taking me away from you. Khushi says you are sad here, and Mihika is also sad. She says its just Ranbir papa and mummy are getting married. Akshay tells that they all are afraid of Ranbir, and tells that he is using Prachi and manipulating her. Khushi says it is not so, actually I wanted them to get married.

Akshay says no one is understanding and says Ranbir is very clever. He says I love you very much and don’t want you to go. He says Ranbir left you in the orphanage, but I brought you here and sent you to London to study. He says if you were born here I would not have let you go. He says I love you a lot and I am not like your Ranbir papa. Khushi says I also love you a lot. Akshay asks her to promise that she will love him always. Khushi promised him. Akshay says papa loves you and asks her to go to bed and sleep. He says she is a very nice girl.

Then he comes to Prachi’s room and sees her while she is sleeping. in sleep Chi opens her eyes, looks at him and closes her eyes. Then she realizes that Akshay is in her room and gets up from the bed. Akshay sees her going to his room and runs to his room and sneaks in through the window and pretends to sleep. Prachi comes there and switches on the light and looks at him.

Akshay wakes up and asks Prachi what happened? Prachi asks haven’t you slept yet. He says he has a headache and asks her to massage his head. Then he says he will ask his mother. Prachi says she will bring oil. She brings oil, massages his head with it. Bakasur etc. are played. He remembers their moments. Akshay thinks that I have power over him and I will not let him go. Prachi asks if he is feeling better? Akshay says yes. Prachi asks should I go? He asks will you not go if I ask you. He says he is joking and asks her to sleep.

Pallavi tells Ranbir that Pandit ji told her that he did not tell her about this muhurat, and said that you do not have her number. She says Pandit ji had said that 4 days are important for you. Ranbir says he wants Prachi to come here as soon as possible and he doesn’t want her to stay in Tandon’s house. He says he can’t explain how he feels, and asks her to let him marry her. Pallavi says we will do whatever we want. Ranbir calls her and says mummy. He thanks her and says it was necessary for me. Pallavi says nothing is more important than your happiness, I will not let you go away from me.

Next day, Pallavi and Dida come to Tandon’s house and greet each other. Prachi comes there and gives them water. Pallavi gives her shagun, bridal clothes. Prachi says why was it needed. Vishakha says it was needed, you will wear it in the wedding. Prachi says okay. Mihika gets worried.

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