Katha Ankahee 30th October 2023 Written Episode

Katha Ankahee 30th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in Katha Ankahi 30th October 2023

Today’s Katha Ankahee 30th October 2023 episode starts with Raghav is working when Katha enters his cabin, he gets excited to see that she has brought cookies for him so he asks if this means she has also started loving him a little, Katha replies They have come together under a deal and she knows that because of this time he has some feelings for her, but she requests him to give her some time to understand these feelings, Raghav replies. Lets say that he could wait for her all his life, but now that they are engaged, he feels that she definitely will. His wife Katha replies that she does not want to wait all her life and feels that they should get married.

Teji tells Farah that they were thinking about making sure that Katha and Viaan get back together but now Katha is engaged and she knows it must have been very difficult for Katha because she and Aarav Both of them have seen a lot in their life but now have finally moved forward, she thinks that if Katha comes back in Viaan’s life it may create problems for both of them which she does not want, she says to Farah. Asks if she can tell Viaan the whole truth.

Raghav is shocked and asks if this means that Katha is proposing him then he says that it is not a dream as he can marry her today but the problem is that she is a doctor and he has to take care of his patient. There are certain responsibilities, so if he fulfills them properly. Then Shanthi can attend his wedding, he says he just needs some time so asks if he can ask so much from Katha.

Raghav questions what she is doing tomorrow, Katha replies that there is an event tomorrow and couples get together, Raghav drops the bottle but apologizes for being dramatic, Katha says she is organizing the event. But Katha is not participating, he requests if they both can go on a date but Katha starts thinking, Raghav says tomorrow is their three month anniversary, he tells Katha to remember it. No need as it is the work of people who are a bit irritable but eventually even she will remember it, Katha agrees that they will celebrate it agrees to meet her tomorrow at seven o’clock.

Teji notices that Viaan is looking at the painting and so asks if Viaan remembers who made the painting for him, he says that it was Aarav and he couldn’t stop laughing when he made this painting for him . Viaan says that his hope is not lost even after Katha leaves, Teji is about to reveal the news when Liza comes to welcome both Teji and Viaan, she shows her dress which impresses both Teji and Viaan. Like, she asks what she’s wearing. When she asks if there’s a dress code Liza says it was mentioned but Viaan asks what Liza plans to wear next to the dress, she understands. When Vian tells her what to do, Liza is impressed by his advice and leaves.

Katha is sitting in her room when Paranav calls her telling her that their client has requested for a cocheek, Katha is surprised when she tells Paranav that it will be arranged, Paranav tells that he was saying that It is very special for love, Katha says it can make your life beautiful even in difficult times, Parnav agrees saying that is what she said.

Katha is working in her room while Viaan mentions in his room that he will need two roses and three baby beds, along with some rose petals and a white ribbon to hold them all together. The story also makes a sketch of this.

Teji thanks Liza that she is taking Viaan to the event as he has closed himself off and he should wait to meet some people as they cannot spend their whole life waiting for someone else, Liza is sure that Viaan will bring Katha back but Teji asks what if he has moved on, Liza asks if she has found out anything about him, however Teji denies saying that if she What will Viaan do in his life if she has moved ahead?

Katha ends the call but is surprised to see darkness when the lights are on she gets shocked and then comes to the table, everyone immediately comes out to greet her, Raghav stops them saying that They had to congratulate her and not scare her, Katha apologizes as she did not expect it but she is very grateful. Pari says that she is very happy with the decision of her marriage as now she will be able to shop, her husband says that she just needs an excuse to go shopping and calls her a shopaholic and everyone starts laughing.

Pari says what other excitement is left in the wedding other than giving her sweets. Raghav’s daughter offers to book a hotel for both of them, Aarav says that he needs to know first what food his mother likes, she replies that she knows that mother really likes Chinese. When Aarav says that his mother only likes Indo Chinese, Raghav’s daughter replies that she will definitely arrange everything. Katha is about to cut the cake but Aarav and his step sister both leave to bring gifts. Raghav asks Katha why

She wants to run away for a private date because they can, Katha remembers how she used to run away with Viaan but then refuses telling Raghav that she is exactly where she wants to be. Raghav asks if she wants or needs to be here because there is a difference between them, Katha however replies that she should be here, Raghav replies that she feels she should also find the feeling of love. .

Aarav is playing a game when he loses he starts hitting the sofa in anger, Raghav seeing him from the corner comes to Aarav and explains that he is a good boy but got angry hence failed to break him. Tried but he says Aarav should come to the field with him as they have to win the match, Aarav agrees to come with him so leaves to change his clothes.

Katha is sitting when Aarav asks who she is making this for, Katha answers for a customer who likes poetry when she says that she knows he used to recite poetry in his old school and does the same here. Would like to but Aarav replies that he doesn’t do that and if he wants anything old in this new life, he sets out to change his clothes.

Viaan is with the principal and saying that he thought that Aarav will not change this school because he has a lot of friends when the principal replies that Aarav has changed and there is no scope for improvement, which is why Katha tells him Taken with herself, Viaan explains that he respects Katha’s decision for Aarav but it’s just that he really misses Aarav.

Katha goes out while Raghav and Aarav are having breakfast, Katha notices Ruhi is very stressed so asks what happened when Ruhi replies that the mean girls in her school have written that she is a loser. And his style is basic so no one will care. At school Katha replies to him that they are very good at whatever they do, they have trolled people who are better than them, including the topper of their class and even the girl who is good at sports . Ruhi is planning to teach them.

A Lesson When Katha suggests that she should just respond to them with loving gestures and also write a nice message for all the friends who have been trolled, Ruhi is overjoyed and hence hugs Katha, Aarav. tells Raghav that his daughter is actually teasing her mother Raghav replies that then she should tease her father hearing which Aarav starts smiling. Pari ji says that Katha has really taken care of Ruhi even better than her own mother, Raghav’s uncle gives her a gift for a secret date night when Pari ji says that she is really boring. Katha and Ruhi leave to make some cupcakes, she tells Raghav that Pranav’s driver will come to collect it.

Viaan gets a call from Liza who says that she has ordered her parcel for his house but it will take some time. Viaan gets the parcel and then he is surprised to see it, he really enjoys its fragrance.

Precap: Raghav tells Katha that he has just one more patient after which they will meet at the location, Katha asks the team to get to work as they have very little time, Paranav announces that next number is ten, Both Katha and Viaan come face to face when Viaan gets angry.

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