Keh Doon Tumhein 30th October 2023 Written Update

Keh Doon Tumhein 30th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Keh Doon Tumhein 30th October 2023 Episode starts with Keerthi stopping Puru and asking are you okay. Dev says you always come in between. She stops Vikrant. She says Puru is a 6 year old kid, what kind of father are you, if anything happens to anyone… Dev says he is my son too, I can’t let anything happen to him, you have made him weak. , I can do that.’ Let him become weak. She says stay away from my son.

He says you turn red when you get angry, take Puru’s bag. They go. He remembers putting a spy bug in the bag. He thinks let’s see what happens. Kirti and Vikrant come home and talk. He says don’t worry, things are under our control. She says that nothing is under our control. Dev comes and taunts Vikrant. He says I came to give the bottle to Puru, I came to apologize, forgive me Kirti, I crossed the limit yesterday.

Vikrant says you do good acting, try in TV serial, did you get good news. Dev asks what is good news. Vikrant says 3,2,1…. Don’t you get it? Dev says no. He gets a call. Vikrant says now you have got it. The man says Dev, your transfer order has been issued, you have to leave Panchghati. Dev asks what, transfer, but why…he gets angry seeing Vikrant. Vikrant smiled. Dev leaves. Kirti becomes happy and thanks Vikrant. He says you say thanks many times, relax, everything is good now. She smiles

They come to Madhuri’s house to have food. Puru asks what’s special. Dadi says Navratri is starting from today, this is Mahaprasad, we will dance, we celebrate this festival to remember how Maa Durga killed Mahishasura. Neha says I will teach you the steps. Neha and Puru dance. Dadi sees Kirti smiling and gets happy. Kirti says it is very good. Madhuri says I am seeing you happy after a long time, if there is any good news then tell me.

Vikrant says yes, eat sweets first. Madhuri and everyone take sweets. He says eat this first, then I will give you a good news. Jadhav calls Vikrant. Vikrant says ok, ok. He says Neha, turn on the TV and play the news channel. They see Dev giving a statement on TV about his transfer. Dev says I am close to finding the serial killer, you decide what is right.

Vikrant gets a call from the minister. Minister says Dev is clever, we can’t transfer him now. Media asks Dev about the killer. Dev says we will keep the questions for later. He asks Garuda to send the journalists away. Reporter asks is it true that you are a criminal, you were jailed because of domestic violence, your wife divorced you.

Dev says this is wrong, this is a lie. Reporter says we have sources, is this allegation true. Dev became calm. He says catching the serial killer is a big thing, I promise, I will bring him before you in 24 hours, Jai Hind. he goes Dadi asks Neha to switch off the TV. Kirti gets tensed. Vikrant takes him to talk. He apologizes to Kirti.

He says that I could not get him transferred. She says okay, I know you tried a lot for my sake, I told you, he is devil, he won’t lose so easily. He says I am sorry, I leaked Dev and your personal information to media. She asks what? He remembers messaging Jadhav. He says I didn’t do this intentionally, he would have become a hero in front of media, he is now trapped, he will get transfer now. She says I know you did this for Puru and my welfare, somehow get him transferred. he nods. Dev listens to them.

He gets angry and throws the files. He says I won’t leave you both, I knew Vikrant did this, I won’t let you win. He picks up the gun and leaves on his bike. Puru asks Shreyas to play with him. Shreyas says I will come. He hits the ball. The ball goes to Vikrant’s house. Bittu gets the ball. Kirti walks on the road.

Puru goes to find the ball. Dev scares Kirti. She falls on the road. He scolds him and points the gun at him. Puru says the room is locked, how will I find the ball. Bittu says there is someone, this is not government, I will not get a better chance than this. Kirti says sorry Dev, don’t do this. Dev says you thought you and your lover will get me transferred, I will keep quiet. She says sorry. He says enough, your game is over now. She says don’t be mad. He says now you will see my madness. She says no, don’t shoot.

Keerthi sees Puru happy and smiles. Dev comes there. Garud says I can’t believe that Kirti will commit murder. Dev arrests Keerthi for Ritu’s murder. She cries.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Keh Doon Tumhein

ANS. You can watch Keh Doon Tumhein online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Keh Doon Tumhein Si upcoming story

ANS. Vikrant runs towards the bus stop. He just stops..


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