Katha Ankahee 3rd November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 3rd November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in Katha Ankahi 3rd November 2023

Today’s episode of Katha Ankahee 3rd November 2023 starts with Katha enters his room and sitting on the bed recalls when Viaan said that he will follow her till the end as they both are a part of each other, Katha lying on her bed thinks how Viaan said that She doesn’t deserve this so her questions will come everywhere, Katha suddenly wakes up hearing Viaan’s voice and is shocked to see him in her room while he is continuously saying his poetry that they can’t burn candles in the day because they both They are in darkness and they need these fireflies. Find the light that they both have for each other. Katha is still very hesitant and she is not trying to reach him slowly when she suddenly wakes up, she gets very stressed so starts looking here and there while controlling her breathing also.

Viaan is angry in his room and saying that during his eight months in jail he prepared for every moment when she will come in front of him and what he is going to say to her, he remembers how he said that he She does this as she doesn’t want to start anything new with him and has moved on in her life, he says that now he will force her to come face to face with him and answer all his questions.

Katha walks out asking Aarav if he has prepared everything and they are ready to leave, Ruhi asks Aarav to do one last thing for her before leaving as he is very good at writing cards so She should write for a special guest, Aarav says she should first say please, hearing which Aarav agrees and starts writing, Ruhi says it still needs something magical, when Aarav asks what. She should do some magic on it, Katha suggests what about the fire fly hearing which Ruhi gets excited and asks Aarav to make it. , Katha asks who is the special guest with Aarav when Ruhi says it is for a very special VIP guest, Ruhi takes Viaan’s name which Aarav is shocked to hear and thinks his friend’s name is also Aarav. How are you, Ruhi asks Raghav. When Raghav agrees to give her Viaan Sir’s contact, he returns after dropping Aarav, he asks everyone to come as they have to drop Aarav to school.

Viaan is in the house when Teji asks where he is going, the worker comes saying it is from Dr. Sehgal’s house, Teji gets shocked so asks Viaan what is it, Viaan replies That this is an invitation from Dr. Sehgal’s house. But he is not going. Viaan sees the fire flying so he remembers how Aarav also came to invite them, he thinks how Ruhi has invited him.

Katha is walking when Raghav is standing in front of her, he asks if they can postpone the party then Katha asks the reason, he answers because she is looking so beautiful that he wants to spend some quality time alone with her. Or should she just watch while she stands here, Katha smiles and asks if she has eaten a lot, but Raghav replies that she has just started.

At night Ahsan sharply asks what happened, she replies that Viaan himself said that he did not want to go to Dr. Raghav’s party but went himself and is not answering her calls, she asks whether he had called Vanya when he replied that he had. Not answering his calls. Teji asks what can they do when Ahsaan remembers that he found a tracking app in Viaan’s phone so what if they are able to find him. Teji agrees so they start searching for him.

Guests are being welcomed in Raghav’s house, then Viaan also enters with a bouquet. Raghav asks who he is looking for and says that his friend has finally come to his house, Viaan says that not only their friendship. In fact, there is also an invitation from his daughter Raghav. replies that Viaan is still going to come in.

Ahsaan says Viaan is in Juhu, when they are unable to understand who lives there, Teji gets shocked saying that the address matches with Dr. Sehgal’s house, she gets shocked thinking this Katha meets there to see if Viaan has gone here and what he does.

Raghav introduces Viaan to his mother and uncle, they say that Viaan is really very handsome, but they cannot believe that he writes such poetry, but Raghav’s mother asks if Viaan has eaten anything, So Raghav replies that he has just arrived. She asks Raghav to take good care of their special guest when he leaves, Ruhi comes running excitedly to welcome Viaan, when she says that she is happy that he has come, he replies That he had to come because he had written such a nice invitation, when Ruhi says he has come to her. Got it made by someone, Viaan asks who is she talking about then she answers her younger brother, Viaan asks where is her younger brother as he should thank her, Ruhi gets something to eat for Viaan. She runs away to bring it. Raghav asks Viaan if he has met the women he was searching for, Viaan replies that they did indeed talk but not about what he wanted to hear, Raghav tells that Viaan is still Lose all your problems with a dear friend

Taa though Viaan says today is Raghav’s day, he sees Katha so is about to introduce Viaan but suddenly the lights go off when Katha says that she will bring candles hearing which Viaan gets upset thinking that she Just heard that is the voice of Katha.

Viaan turns back when Katha comes with the candle they both are shocked to see each other and the light comes back on again when Raghav also comes but is shocked as they both have already met, he sees both of them. He introduces himself and tells that Katha is his fiancee and not he. She wants to change her surname because she believes that marriage is not just a relationship but a document of ownership. Raghav tells Katha that this is Viaan Raghuvanshi whom he is a big fan of but Viaan is a better person with whom he has made a very good friendship and believes that they have an old relationship, Raghav says that they both also have some relation. Because Viaan always keeps writing about Katha, which she is shocked to hear but then Raghav tells her that he is having a very bad time. Viaan tells Katha that they don’t need the candle and tries to make her bow down but she doesn’t and then Katha nervously spills some of the candle on Viaan though he says it doesn’t do any harm. , Viaan greets Katha and says he was not supposed to come but fate was such that he came.

Precap: Katha is in the room when Viaan enters saying that he wants to shout in front of everyone that they both are one, Katha tells Viaan that she has moved on and now it’s time that she also lives her life. Moving on, Viaan goes. Viaan is with Ahsaan and telling him that Katha herself told him that she still loves him, Ahsaan tries to explain when Raghav enters the office and says that you are right and he himself is a When Din is about to come back to him, Viaan gets shocked.

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