Kavya 3rd November 2023 Written Update

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Today’s Kavya 3rd November 2023 episode starts with Adhiraj giving Navya’s doctor coat to Kavya. He says I have got it dry cleaned, it is Navya’s, send it to the family with respect, they will be proud, I m sure you will go home on Diwali. She says yes, and after that, we will be assigned duties in different states. He says consider this as my farewell gift. he goes Shubh sees.

Kavya says Anusha, pack this doctor’s coat in a newspaper and keep it in my bag. Kavya hears some argument and goes to see. Anusha keeps the packet with Kavya’s clothes. Payal puts it down. Anusha and Payal argue. Sanjeev picks up the packet and puts it in Adhiraj’s bag. Rajiv and everyone watches the news. Giriraj was shocked to see electricity supply reaching the hospital. Kavya gives an interview.

Bhabhi says Kavya is really good, Adi has good taste. Omi asks him to shut up. Kavya recalls taking help from Rajeev. Rajeev calls his superior and asks for help in getting power supply for some time for the inauguration of the hospital. FB is over. Kavya says I want to thank the person who helped me in providing electricity here, that person is our state electricity minister Giriraj Pradhan, he is our inspiration, he helped me in getting electricity supply and sent four doctors. He also promised to help us in establishing this hospital.

Thank you, Giriraj ji, I hope the power supply will always remain like this, we are happy to inaugurate the hospital, I hope you Will come here after taking time. Omi says this girl has trapped us. Giriraj became angry. Malini comes smiling. Giriraj blames Omi. Reporters come home and question whether Giriraj is going to inaugurate the hospital. Adhiraj says wow Netaji, Kavya has troubled you.

Giriraj asks did you come here to say this. Adhiraj says no, I have come here to ask for something, I am your son, you will give us four doctors and 24 hours electricity, just do this for me. Giriraj says your attitude is like good politicians, that’s why I like you. He smiles.

Shubh asks did you get confirmation, people are coming to see Giriraj. Kavya says no. She goes and gets an electric shock. Adhiraj laughs and jokes at him. Jaideep addressed the media. He says I came here to Basant Khedi with a purpose and we have achieved much more than that, this hospital is going to be started, I want to give credit for this to Kavya Bansal. Everyone claps. Giriraj comes there.

He says this is a small journey of development in Basant Khedi, I will make this village Mumbai. Adhiraj says he can never change. Giriraj congratulates Kavya and says you have fulfilled my old dream. Kavya says thanks, I couldn’t have done this without your support. He says that I have done my work and will do it. She says yes, some people did not want the hospital to start. She garlands him. He says I have done my work, now it is your turn to show how you run this hospital.

She says yes, we hope to get your support. He always says. He spoke to the media. Mayank says he is taking all the credit. Giriraj says medical equipment and machines will reach hospital by morning, women should also get respect, I want Kavya to come on stage. He raises his hand. He thinks you have made a huge mistake, I will strike back and shatter your world.

Giriraj sees Kavya with Adhiraj and Shubh. Shubh argues with Adhiraj. They become bent on fighting. Jaideep suspends Adhiraj from the academy.

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