Katha Ankahee 8th November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 8th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in Katha Ankahi 8th November 2023

Today’s episode of Katha Ankahee 8th November 2023 starts Raghav asks Viaan if he can say something from his heart, he mentions that Viaan has come to fulfill his dream and tells that he wants to build a house on their land which will not be an ordinary house but a story. There will be dedication towards, like a Taj Mahal. After seeing his Katha and this design he felt as if his dream had come true, a place where he would spend the rest of his life with Katha. Raghav asks if Viaan can also make something for him.

Vanya tells Ahsaan that Katha Bhabhi’s fiance is present in this office, Ahsaan replies that Viaan has befriended Dr. Raghav and is now entertaining him as a friend, Vanya starts smiling hearing this When Ahsaan asks the reason Vanya tells that she is thinking Katha and Aarav are back in their life and everything is fine, Ahsaan agrees with her but says that then Raghav’s house will be broken, Vanya replies That their house has not been built and if Katha Bhabhi has even one percent doubt then her house should never have been built.

Katha is waiting when Raghav enters the house in excitement and tells that this house is being built by his dear friend Viaan who is also an architect, Raghav tells that Katha definitely heard about his company. Because this house is going to be the Taj Mahal for their story. Raghav suggests that Katha is also an architect and should partner with Viaan, but Katha replies that she is out of practice and doesn’t know whether she will be able to do it, so she needs some time, Raghav says.

That she remembers how Aarav called her. It’s time for a conversation with their soon-to-be-born son. Katha calls Viaan to tell him how he should back out of this design and tells Raghav that he won’t be able to do it, Viaan replies that this design will definitely happen. Katha tells that she wants to meet him in half an hour so Viaan agrees. Katha brings up the design asking what Viaan wants to do with her since she has said that she doesn’t love him anymore but he is still trying to take revenge on her for sending him to jail.

Viaan says that she wants to take revenge from him for the love he has in her heart and how she did not come to meet him even once. Viaan angrily explains that she is lying to Raghav otherwise she would have moved in with him but he is still in her heart, Viaan says that he has seen Raghav’s love for Katha. Katha asks Viaan to end the project but he says he should stop loving her, Katha then asks him when he says she should stop crying for him, Katha gets angry but Viaan says That because of love she will definitely come back to him. Katha is disappointed

Katha is sitting when Raghav asks if she is angry with him when Katha refuses, he apologizes for deciding that she will work with Viaan but he says that he has seen hesitation for the first time, he Asks him to at least listen to the excitement. Katha replies that she doesn’t want to know when he says that he knows that she doesn’t love him right now but respects him and so started thinking about who she loves so he realized that she likes architecture. ,

Katha remembers how Viaan had also said that she should put her heart and soul into producing a project. Katha asks Raghav why there is a need to invest so much money in the project when they can actually build a house for their children while saving money, Raghav says that he has secured Aarav’s future even before meeting him and They have done so much for their children.

Katha says it is not practical. When Raghav asks if she is measuring her feelings with money, he tells that she has completed all her responsibilities but at least she has the right to fulfill some of her dreams. It is needed because anyone can sleep peacefully in a house made of it. While they are in love and believe that they should even die in this, Raghav asks Katha to take time out before sleeping. Katha remembers when Viaan said that she would not be able to leave the project and would come for

Katha calls Parnav and explains that there is a project she doesn’t want to do and so she needs to ask some questions, Parnav asks if everything is okay.Viaan is standing holding the design of the monument when Teji comes, so he explains that sometimes life does wonderful things and so Teji asks if this project is Raghav and Katha’s, when she doesn’t think Katha does. Will comes back to the office, however Viaan replies that love is unpredictable too and he is sure she will come back when Teji is worried.

In the morning Ahsaan brings coffee for Vanya when she replies that she is feeling good, Ahsaan asks what it is when Vanya says she meant the good feeling that Katha Bhabhi will be back. Ahsaan asks him to keep these feelings to himself, Vanya asks how can he be so negative when Ahsaan replies that some time ago this office was Katha’s home but now she has made a new life. . Vanya gets really disappointed when Ahsan says that he is just being realistic and she shouldn’t be so optimistic, Vanya angrily gets up to leave.

When he asks where she is going, she says she has some work and must find a new partner for the Nashik project. Viaan is waiting for Katha in the balcony and even looks at his watch, he hears one of his staff members saying that she is back after a long time so returns back in excitement but he There is someone else. Viaan is still waiting but moves away, Katha walks out of the lift while Viaan is looking on the other side, Katha entering the office remembers when both of them bought coffee for each other.

Katha also sees her office where Viaan had given her a lot of gifts, she gets emotional thinking about the night when they both danced so starts smiling but then controls her emotions and tears too. Wipes. The staff stumbles causing the files to fall, Viaan turns and is shocked to see Katha standing in the middle of the office.

Viaan smiles thinking that he knew she would definitely come back to Earthcon. Viaan goes to Katha with a cup of coffee which is his favorite but Katha once again calls him Mr. Raghuvanshi, Viaan replies that he thought they had made this trip so he once again introduces himself, Katha replies Telling her not to have any false expectations because they will never have the same trip, Vianne replies that she is still standing at EarthCon and he feels like she at least followed her heart. .

Precap: Viaan asks Katha how she liked the design, she says she is not giving recommendations or suggestions. Katha angrily asks that if their love had strength then it would have definitely shined that night but it did not happen. Katha is shocked to see Raghav and is also very worried.

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