Barsatein 8th November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 8th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Barsatein 8th November 2023 episode starts with Malini hugging Aradhana and crying. She asks why didn’t you tell me. Bhakti says you were not ready to listen. Malini says Reyaansh said Aradhana is confused. Bhakti says she has spread her poison in Aradhana’s life, Kadambari loved some other man, she never loved Reyansh, there is hatred in her life, Kadambari loved your husband Viren. Malini is shocked.

Bhakti says that when Reyansh came to know about this, he got engaged to Kimaya. Malini says it means it is true. Aradhana says Reyansh is marrying Kimaya to take revenge. Malini says you have done this to stop him. Bhakti says I have become Yashoda, but you… Malini says no, I always miss my daughter. Bhakti lies, you were happy in your life, Aradhana became a burden, she did a lot to save your daughter.

Malini apologizes to Aradhana. Aradhana says don’t say sorry mother. They hug and cry. Aradhana says we have to save Kimaya, Reyaansh will not listen to anyone. The next day, Aradhana bumps into Reyansh. She says I won, now Kimaya will not marry you. Reyansh goes. Malini sees the mandap.

Reyansh asks Kimaya to come out. She says it is bad luck to see you before the wedding procession arrives. He says you will become my wife immediately. Aradhana says Kimaya, talk to your mother once. Kimaya says no, I will not talk to anyone. She closes the door. Reyansh says we will meet in the pavilion. He smiles and leaves.

He says I will become Viren’s son in law, then his bad days will start. He ends the call. Viren asks Malini what happened. Malini cries. He looks at Kadambari’s pictures. He says so you came to know, your anger is justified but… She says everyone has a past, I am not upset that you hid it, your past has come home. Reyansh sits down after drinking alcohol. Vivek comes and says you are going to take revenge of my tears from Viren, you love me a lot, my son. Reyansh says yes.

Vivek drinks. He asks Reyansh to come with him. Malini says Kimaya will not listen to us, Reyaansh will ruin her, it is because of you. Komal says Kimaya locked the door and said she won’t come out until the wedding procession arrives. Vivek and Reyansh come to the bridge. Vivek says you made me happy, I am very unlucky, my wife never loved me, what did you do for me today, my duty is to save you, you are doing this for me, you realize this and asks Viren. You are going to take revenge My pain, I cried for my love, You cried for me, You love me, okay. Reyansh says yes.

Vivek says I did bad to you, I couldn’t teach you love. Aradhana thinks of talking to Vivek. The man says that Vivek had gone out with Reyansh. Aradhana says where did Reyaansh take her. Vivek says I can’t change you, there is anger inside you, you are ruining girls’ lives, you have become more mad now. Reyansh says he is guilty because of Kadambari.

Vivek says no, she never looked back, she was a stranger, I have raised you, I should be punished, I want to die. Reyansh asks what are you saying, no papa. Vivek says I will teach you love, not hatred. He pushes Reyansh and runs away. He jumps down from the bridge. Reyansh is surprised. He gets up and runs to save Vivek. He shouts dad, and jumps into the lake. Aradhana reaches there. She runs to see them.

She also jumps to save Reyansh. Reyansh shouts for help. He shouts Dad…where are you. She shouts to Reyansh and goes to him. She says come with me, I know you can’t swim in this condition. She brings him to the shore. She shouts uncle… She sees Vivek and jumps into the lake to reach him. She saves Vivek. She brings Vivek out of the water. She pumps his heart. Reyansh looks on and cries. Aradhana cries.

Aradhana says please open your eyes, if anything happens to you then Reyansh will be lost. Vivek died. Reyansh burnt his funeral pyre. He comes home. Kadambari looks on.

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