Kavya 13th November 2023 Written Update

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Today’s Kavya 13 November 2023 episode starts with Anjali saying this is not our money. She asks Kavya to tell them. Inspector arrests Rajeev. Anjali asks how can this happen. Kavya cries. Rajeev says I just followed my senior’s orders, I didn’t do anything. The police have taken him. Anjali and Shubh say this is Giriraj’s plan, Rajeev is innocent, Adi has invested the money.

Kavya says I know, but this is not proof, I will prove dad innocent. She asks Rajiv to trust her. Rajiv feels ashamed. Giriraj looks on. He sings happily. Shubh, Kavya, Mayank and Anjali left. They come to the police station and see Rajeev behind the bars. Kavya goes to talk to the inspector. He doesn’t listen. Mayank argues with him. Kavya says I have the right to ask you about the allegations against my father.

Inspector tells him the details. He asks if you have any more questions. Shubh says we will get bail for Rajeev. Kavya says no use, today is Friday, he will not get bail after 2 days, we will have to get the case dismissed. Kavya goes to ask Rajiv about the order. She asks about senior’s signals on the order. She says I told you, don’t do anything without written order. He says I know. She says every person is not as honest as you, trust me. He apologizes. She thinks about Adi and Giriraj.

She says one lamp is enough to erase the darkness, you will get your lost respect back. She asks Shubh to take Mayank and Anjali home. Anjali says I will not go, you are alone here. Kavya says no, papa is with me, don’t cry, papa will celebrate Diwali with us. Shubh asks what are you going to do. Kavya says I will go to dad’s office and bring the written order, I will prove that the money was sent to trap him. He says I will come along. She says no, please stay with mumma. He holds her hand and says I am always with you. He leaves.

She goes to the department and talks to Rajeev’s superior. She asks him to show the order. He says I don’t have it. She says okay, now you will not get any order, you will also go to jail. He says you are talking a lot, you check the bills, your dad is lying. She says how can orphanage bill be of 48 lakhs, this is wrong, you are framing dad, I know on whose advice you are doing this, I will find the proof. She goes. He smiles and talks to Giriraj.

Giriraj says keep the original letter with you, Rajiv should not come out of jail. He sings. He sits down laughing. Kavya goes to the orphanage and talks to the manager about the bill amount. He complains about the unusually high bill. The girl asks how will we prepare for our exam. Giriraj says I will play with Adi today. Adi says you have always done this. Giriraj says if I make you lose then you have to play the game I tell you. He says no, I will defeat you. They start playing table tennis. Kavya comes there.

Giriraj asks what is all this. She calls the children of the orphanage there. Giriraj asks why did they come inside. Children run here and there. Giriraj says stop them. Adi is surprised. Giriraj scolds him. Kavya says your Lanka will also burn. She does poetry

Malini smiled. Giriraj asks who are these children. Kavya says they are children of orphanage, electricity has been cut there, they have to study for exams. He asks if I have anything to do with it? She says yes, you are the electricity minister, I know you so I have come to seek help. She asks him to help the kids.

Kavya says you have cheated me, etc. Adi says I want to help you. Adi sees Shubh and Kavya together.

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