Kavya 13th October 2023 Written Episode

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Today’s Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 13 October 2023 episode starts with Kavya talking to some people on the road. The man laughs. She says I am really crazy. She sits there to drink tea. She says you can put more labels on me. The man says he is crazy. She argues. He says you calm down, I asked you something and you broke down. She asks can’t I get shattered, you have chosen the right word, mad, you are more shattered than me.

She scolds the man. She says you know Kaki, I had fallen from a mountain and my mental evaluation was going on, I thought of saying something which I have suppressed in my heart. Adhiraj comes and sees her. He says wow, she is just practicing the drama. He takes her away and says you say too much sometimes, committee members will see your real madness. He smiles.

In the morning Kavya comes to meet the committee members. A person named Keshav interviews him. She says that becoming an IAS was not a stress for me, but my passion. He asks how do you feel now, any other trauma. She says no. He says you are not shocked by your engagement breaking. Ms. Sinha scolded OT. Karan says I will find out who did this. He asks Sanjeev to come. Adhiraj says we will go and see how Kavya is doing. Kavya says my engagement broke, but it has nothing to do with yesterday’s incident.

Keshav says just remember and tell me why this happened. She recalls Adhiraj’s words. She says you have my file, I went through shock when my elder sister Navya committed suicide, I saw the video yesterday, Navya’s face was blackened and she was tagged as a murderer, everyone. There is sadness in someone’s life, I am emotional but it is not my weakness, it is my strength, it is my passion. Keshav says ok, you can go. Kavya thanks them and leaves.

Jaideep is on call. He says Adhiraj is right, yes, academy takes responsibility of OT, I am not blaming anyone, I know my duty. Anusha asks everything okay. Kavya nods and says I want to get approval for Basant Khedi project. Adhiraj says you will get many projects, come for class. Kavya says I will go to that village, meet Jaideep. Gauri calls Jaideep. She asks what happened. He doesn’t say anything, I am troubled by the news of the accident.

She says it is because of Kavya, get her out. He asks should I give the public another chance to point fingers at me? Kavya comes to him. He ends the call. She says a mental evaluation is done. He scolds her and says I know it very well. He gets a call. He shouts that there will be no interview now, official statement has been released, refer to that. She asks should I talk to the press, I will say it was my mistake, not yours. He says no need, I will remove the person who leaked the video, you can go.

Everyone discusses about the video. Payal says if Kavya is removed then I will have to stay with Anusha. Anusha and Payal argue. Sanjeev called someone. He says I sent the video to you and you made it viral. Adhiraj hears her and is shocked. Sanjeev was worried. Jaideep asks Keshav what the report says. Keshav says that he is absolutely healthy physically and mentally, he should go to Basant Khedi project. Ms. Sinha says that no OT will be taken to Basant Khedi until we find out who leaked the video. Adhiraj says why should everyone suffer punishment, I have leaked that video. Jaideep asks what did you do? Adhiraj says yes. Jaideep scolded him. Giriraj comes to rescue Adhiraj. Kavya wonders why Adi did this.

Sanjeev hugs Adhiraj. Kavya is suspicious of him. Giriraj says we will show that Adhiraj has saved Kavya’s life. Kavya is not seeing her name in the list. She scolds Adhiraj.

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