Meet 12th October 2023 Written Update

Meet 12th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Meet 12th October 2023 episode starts with Sumeet tells the inspector that we know who sends my husband to Pakistan. The inspector replies that the complaint has already been registered and we have taken action. Sumeet lodged a complaint and he saw Shagun being held by the lady constable. Shlok tells Sumeet, it seems police has arrested Shagun. However, Shagun comes to them and hugs them in excitement.

Shagun praises Sumeet for saving her husband and bringing him back from Pakistan. She thanks the inspector for arresting the right person. Shlok asks him to stop this act, knowing that he reached Pakistan because of him. Shagun tries to instigate a driver into testifying falsely against her, and warns him that she will harm his family if he testifies against her. The frightened driver takes the blame and is arrested. Sumeet consoles Shlok and urges him to leave.

Shagun tries to make fun of Sumeet, but he replies firmly. Sumeet told that their love became stronger in Pakistan and they planned to marry again. Raunak meets Shlok and tries to provoke him by calling him weak. Shlok playfully teases Raunak and calls him “Tommy”, implying that he is hiding behind his mother’s saree. Raunak questions Shlok about the expensive gifts given to Sumeet. Sumeet tells Shagun that Shlok will get great success.

Raunak mocks Shlok for marrying Sumeet again and says that he has not given her valuable gifts. However, Sumeet claims that Shlok is the most precious gift she could ever ask for. Shlok asks what Shagun told Sumeet, and she advises him to ignore her when he becomes a famous singer and slaps her. Shlok tells Sumeet that he has booked a cab for him as his bike is not working.

He recalls Raunak’s words about not providing proper facilities to Sumeet and Sumeet’s concerns about sending his audio to a music producer. Shlok assured her that he would send his recording to the producer when they returned home, and encouraged her not to worry.

Shagun instructs Raunak to keep an eye on Shlok and bring down Sumeet’s self-confidence. When Shlok paid the cab driver, he discovered that he had no cash in his wallet. The driver makes fun of him being poor, which makes Shlok angry as he remembers Raunak’s taunts. Upon entering the house, Sumeet and Shlok saw that the family members were divided into bride and groom teams.

Anju announces that Sumeet and Shlok should not meet each other frequently, except for specific rituals. Sumeet wants to accompany Shlok to his first music recording meeting, but Shlok is disappointed when he sees that Sumeet is choosing affordable flower ornaments instead of more expensive options. He tries to record a song but has difficulty concentrating, feeling that he is forcing Sumeet to compromise because of his lifestyle. Shlok gets disappointed with himself.

Precap: Sumeet tells everyone that the producers liked Shlok’s song and he has signed the contract with him. Everyone claps. Shagun comes inside in disguise and says I am Kanchan and I have come here to congratulate the new couple. A bowl of turmeric is kept for the ceremony. Poonam finds a dead snake inside the bowl, she gets worried and says it is a bad omen. Shagun is laughing at the situation.


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ANS. You can watch Meet online on ZEE5 or it will telecast on ZEETV

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Meet 11th October 2023 Written Update

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