Kavya 16th November 2023 Written Update

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Today’s Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 16th November 2023 episode starts with Kavya saying I have to find the order, then dad will get bail. Mayank asks but what about the bribe money? She says this is the next level. Omi says I had to do what dad told me, I have become greedy for power. Adi says I expect this from dad, not from you, you can’t see the scratches on my hand, why are you hurting me today, you did this to Kavya’s family. Mayank says I did not get any idea. Kavya says even the real one doesn’t help. They go.

Omi says I made a mistake, I should not have kept money in Kavya’s pocket. Adi says forget it. He leaves. Kavya and Mayank try to talk childishly. they laughed. He asks if you like Shubh again. She says no, why. He says he is coming home everyday, you will find someone good who will respect you. She says calm down, have cold drink, I am not thinking about marriage.

She takes a glass of cold drink. He misses children’s talks. She says you are amazing, this is your reward, you gave me this idea, come. He asks but what idea. She sits to read some books. He asks if this is your idea. She says see what I do now. He says there is no one like my sister. they smile.

The morning of this, Giriraj says he threatened to burn the papers if they found the evidence. Joshi agrees. He burns the papers. Kavya asks Anjali to get up and make kachori. Anusha comes and asks for more snacks. She hugs Kavya. She says I can’t have packed sweets at home, I want aunty’s handmade laddus. Mayank welcomes Anusha and smiles. Kavya says he is my younger brother Mayank. Mayank smiles seeing Anusha. Anjali pulls his ear and asks him to take tiffin for Rajeev.

Kavya and Anusha investigate the power line leading from the orphanage to Vishal Industries. Anusha goes to some office and fools the officer. He gets the papers. She says bill came for 4000 and then 6 lakhs, how. Kavya says Vishal Industries is stealing electricity from them, I know how to prove dad innocent. Adi asks Malini about father. He takes taunt about Giriraj. Omi comes and asks him will you do this with me. Adi says you didn’t think about me and me…you chose wrong, Kavya hates me, your party seat is confirmed, congratulations. he goes Omi becomes sad.

Malini says Omi, why do you forget right and wrong. He says I have learned from you to keep dad happy. Adi gets angry. Kavya meets someone at Vishal Industries. He asks how can I help you. She says my father is in jail. He worries. She says he works in electricity department. They say that we have no connection with that department, it is a private company. She confronts him for stealing electricity from the orphanage. She says you may go to jail. Adi argues with Giriraj.

Giriraj says you are very talented, drink milk and sharpen your mind. Adi says I don’t want to argue, but want to learn from you how you put the money in that packet. Giriraj says you trust Kavya, she hates me, I won’t accept the blame. Adi asks what if your son says this. Giriraj says then you decided not to trust me. Adi says I have a recording, I will give statement in police. Giriraj says no, go and tell someone, yes, I have done this, what is the proof. Adi smiles and asks how do you know about it, I didn’t tell you, you did it.

The man says not to involve the police. Kavya asks him to keep a separate meter for his factory. She asks who did you bribe in electricity department. He says no one. She says don’t think I am a fool. Giriraj shouts Omi. He calls Omi and asks what did you tell Adi. Adi plays Giriraj’s recording. He says Omi didn’t tell me anything, you just told. Giriraj asks what do you want. etc. This paper says your signature and seal. Giriraj checks the papers.

Joshi asked the man to investigate why there was power failure. Kavya comes and says this is the trailer of your upcoming time. She shows the receipts and says Vishal Industries has deposited money in your wife and son’s accounts. Joshi is sitting worried. Giriraj asks are you mad, go, do whatever you want. He leaves. Omi stops Adi and says I thought you told dad, can you forgive me. Adi asks what was it, I am not like dad, I don’t cheat Giriraj, Kavya thinks I am a cheater. Omi cries. Giriraj comes back and signs the papers. He stamps and says you are not doing right, etc. Adi says who knows one day the same will happen with you too. He leaves.

Kavya says my father is in jail

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