Kavya 20th November 2023 Written Update

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Today’s Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 20th November 2023 episode starts with Jaideep inviting the neighbours. He says we are happy and thought of celebrating it with the neighbours. Everyone smiles. Jaideep says we will celebrate in the locality today. Kavya thanks him and hugs him. Everyone smiles. Anjali becomes happy. Rajiv says we will always be grateful to you for supporting us.

Adi says it is between Kavya and me, go home. Mayank says you come with me and tell him the truth. Malini and Sanjeev say Mayank is right. Sanjeev and Mayank catch Adi. Malini says I will get the rope. Adi asks what? They tie up all the others. Adi says leave me.They take Adi with them. Malini says take good news, I am waiting. She prays. Jaideep says I know Rajiv and his family for 20 years, we had friendship and now we have become a family, when a person gets hurt there is nothing worse than this.

He apologizes to Rajeev. He says true and moral people like Rajiv are very few, he and his family did not lose courage, he has been proved innocent today, I want him to celebrate with us. Everyone claps. Gauri says yes, I want to say something, this friendship is going to turn into a relationship, what can be a bigger proof than this. Kavya is surprised. Gauri says we want to make Kavya our daughter-in-law, we want to get Shubh and Kavya married. She asks Kavya what will I do to win your heart.

Mayank says we have come, wait. Shubh asks Kavya whether she will marry him or not. Anjali says yes say Kavya. Kavya is in shock. Kavya thinks about Adi and Shubh’s things. She says yes. Gauri says he said yes, congratulations, marriage is fixed. Adi gets shocked. He cries. Everyone hugs Kavya. Jaage Jaage… Drama… Mayank and Sanjeev are freed etc. They also become sad.

Adi recalls Kavya and her moments. Adi leaves. Mayank stops her and says Kavya can’t stay with Shubh, come with me and talk to him. Adi says no. Mayank says he is wrong man, come with me. Sanjeev says yes, why do you want to give credit to someone else. Adi says she said yes to Shubh, should I force her to love me. Mayank hugs Adi. Adi says this can’t happen, Kavya doesn’t want this, we have to respect her decision. He promises Mayank. Kavya sees everyone happy and dancing. Adi cries.

Sanjeev says I thought your and Kavya’s love story will start today. Adi says I heard all this and my hope is lost. He leaves. Mayank comes inside the house. Anjali makes him dance. He becomes sad and leaves. Kavya looks on. Malini sees Adi crying and gets sad. Adi smiles and hugs her. Shubh says goodbye to Kavya and smiles. Malini cries. Omi comes and sees Adi crying. He hugs Adi. Adi says dad and you won. Rajiv asks Kavya what happened. Kavya takes him to the room. She says I couldn’t say anything, there were so many people, I didn’t say yes to the marriage.

Adi and Kavya dance in the party. What did you get… drama… Giriraj asks what is happening, you two are no match. Kavya says Shubh, I love Adi, not you. She goes to Adi.

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Q1. where to watch Kavya

ANS. You can watch Kavya online on sonyliv or it will telecast on sonytv

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