Kavya 20th October 2023 Written Episode

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Today’s Kavya  20th October 2023 episode starts  with Kavya calling Anjali and Rajeev. She asks did you reach Lucknow. Anjali says yes, you can take leave and come home to attend Ram’s daughter’s marriage ceremony, his cousin is also coming from America. Kavya says I will not marry any NRI. Anjali says okay, he will also settle here. Kavya says leave me. Anjali says this is the problem with your generation. They have a conversation. Anjali ends the call. She says people will make news, we have to do something. He says don’t trouble Kavya, she is facing tough phase in training. Kavya and everyone reach Basant Khedi. The villagers scold and threaten them. They ask OT to leave the village. Policemen come and ask OT to leave.

The manager shows them the place and says you all have to share the same room. Sanjeev was worried. Adhiraj jokes and says there will be no problem to your honour. Kavya asks how will we sleep in the same room. Adhiraj jokes that you sleep well in my room. Karan asks if there is no circuit house. Jaideep comes and says there is a five star hotel, you all are here for security purpose. Adhiraj says you are right. Jaideep tells them about the new projects being implemented in the village. He assigns them the project. He gives the hospital project to Kavya.

Kavya asks me? He says yes, you have struggled a lot to come here, you should get this project. A man calls Omi and says Adhiraj is here for the hospital project. Omi says okay. He goes to Giriraj and says I have a good news, your every trick is working, Adhiraj took the hospital project. Giriraj says then go there and convince Adi to fulfill my dream. Omi says you know your son well, he will do what you don’t want, I will do what you order. Giriraj taunts him. Omi says I will get the hospital land.

Jaideep asks Kavya to stay within limits and do her work. She says we cannot change the past. He says your determination is your strength, it also becomes your weakness, the villagers should not know that you are Navya’s sister, because Navya is their culprit, you consider me a guru, remember that this project. There is just one hurdle, your journey is long, remember this project should not come in your way. Kavya thanks him. She says you are always there to guide me. Omi is on the way. He calls the manager and asks him to keep an eye on Adhiraj. Kavya talks to Adhiraj.

He insists and asks her to let him go to the bathroom. She asks who stopped you. He runs. Everyone gets ready. Payal asks where Kavya went. Karan says she went out. Payal says that the manager said that there is danger from the villagers. Kavya goes to hospital and remembers Navya. Omi comes to meet Adhiraj. Adhiraj says you surprised me. Omi says I was missing you. Adhiraj says all this does not suit you, but Netaji. Omi says call him papa.

Adhiraj says give me proof. He laughs. Omi says father wants to run the government hospital again. Guard asks Kavya where are you going. Kavya says I have come for inspection, I am Kavya. The guard says sorry, go inside. Adhiraj asks why. Omi says dad has a lot of work here, what is in this file. Adhiraj says it has details of hospital project, nothing special, how can I serve you. Omi says tea. Adhiraj asks the manager to bring tea for Omi. he goes Omi checks the file. He clicks pictures. He calls someone and says that there should be no development towards this village. He laughs. Adhiraj looks at Omi. Omi also looks at him.

Jaideep gives the hospital project to Kavya. Kavya talks to the villagers. They get angry at him. Adhiraj saves Kavya and hugs her.

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