Kavya 23rd November 2023 Written Update

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Today’s Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 23rd November 2023 episode starts with Adi taunting Kavya. She shows her cards. Adi shows his cards and wins again. He says, wonderful, Kavya, your choice is wrong. Shubh asks him to distribute the cards. Sanjeev says they are fighting, we want to unite them. Mayank says yes. Adi and Kavya look at each other. Alka says no one can defeat Adi.

Shubh taunts Adi. Adi says Kavya has the worst luck among the two. Shubh asked Sanjeev about his posting. He tells about Kavya’s posting. He says when we get married, our posting will be together, your friends should know. He asks Adi about his posting. Kavya stops him. Shubh says oh so sorry, Adi has been thrown out of the academy, he has been suspended. Adi says I am politician’s son but you play well.

Shubh says you are positive, you are celebrating your future. Kavya says enough is enough, Shubh. She holds the card and says I won. She asks Shubh to come with her. Mayank looks at her cards and smiles. He says Kavya gave up her winning cards, she loves Adi. He goes and stops Kavya. Kavya smiled. Sanjeev gives some drinks to Adi. Mayank asks Kavya to have cold drink. Kavya and Shubh dance. Adi dances with Anusha. The eyes get carried away…drama…kavya and etc dance.

Everyone claps for him. Shubh gets jealous. Mayank recalls that Sanjeev was planning to mix poison in Adi and Kavya’s drinks. Adi and Kavya dance on Tum Kya Mile. Shubh tries to go to Kavya. Adi and Kavya argue. Giriraj came to the party. Adi says you should have trusted me once. Kavya says I trusted you, I wish I was wrong. Adi catches her to kiss her. Calling Giriraj etc. They turn away. Everyone comes.

Shubh greets Giriraj and says I met you in Basantkhedi, I am Jaideep’s son. Giriraj asks who invited you. Malini says I did, they all are Adi’s friends, they are celebrating together. She goes after Kavya. Giriraj stops Malini. He says let me talk to him. Kavya drinks some alcohol instead of water. She goes to the kitchen. She looks for water. Giriraj asks do you want water. Giriraj serves him some water.

She thanks him. He says bachwa/leafy vegetable is bitter, if it is mixed with sarson ka saag then it is a good mixture, I will make it for you. She says no. He says I want such a girl for Adi, you are not the one. She says okay why are you telling me this. He says my mind is very sharp, I know, love happens, people think they will win, but when any problem comes in life they run away, this doesn’t happen in marriage, good thinking. Marriage is done only after tax. Kavya asks what do you want to say, I don’t understand.

He says you are smart, don’t talk like a fool, Adi is a rabbit, you are a tortoise, there is no match for you and Adi, you will get nothing after loving her. Kavya asks Prem, I love Adi? He says yes. She recalls her moments with Adi. Giriraj asks what are you thinking. Kavya smiles and says thanks a lot, you don’t know what you did. He asks what? She goes out laughing. Everyone watches. Mayank and Shubh took him in the car. I am upset…play…they leave. Adi looks on.

Shubh and Mayank bring him home. Shubh asks what happened. She says when I came from Basantkhedi, I didn’t feel right, my mind was wandering, I felt like slapping you, Shubh. Mayank smiled. Kavya says Giriraj has cleared my confusion, now I understand what I feel, I don’t love you Shubh, I love Adi. Shubh is surprised. She says I love Adi and smiles.

Adi and Kavya have a moment. Gauri says she will go to Adi, you have done great work in Basantkhedi. Shubh and Gauri call Pandit home to fix the wedding date.

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