Kavya 27th November 2023 Written Update

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Today’s Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 27th November 2023 episode starts with Kavya running away. Adi wonders why she is behaving so strange. She sees Malini talking to the servant. Kavya asks should I come with you? Malini asks him to come. Adi looks on. Malini and Kavya come to Mahila Ashram. Malini gets emotional. Servant says all the food fell on the way. Malini says my tradition will remain incomplete, today is my first child’s anniversary, I lost him here, so I get food here every year. Kavya consoles him. Malini tells about her abortion.

She says I was going home from office, I got information about goons coming here, I came here to do my duty, Giriraj stopped me, but I did not listen to him, doctor said abortion due to mental pressure. Has happened. The family turned against me, Giriraj supported me and put a condition before me, he asked me to choose between the country or the family.

Kavya says that is why you left the job. Malini says I had this guilt inside me. Jaideep asked Rajiv to sit. He says I have indigestion problem. Rajeev says Kavya’s posting has arrived. Jaideep says I know, you are worried about him. Rajeev says that she will go to a new place and face new challenges. Jaideep says to trust your upbringing.

Rajiv asks if that place is right. Jaideep says I will not lie, it is a tough posting, illegal liquor business runs there, so Kavya has been posted there, she is brave and dedicated. Rajeev says I am proud but also scared. Jaideep says you are not alone, this time we all are with you, Shubh is with Kavya, he will go there till she calms down. Rajiv thanked him. Malini and Kavya cook food.

Kavya asks can’t a girl do both the responsibilities, is it necessary to choose one, I love my work and family. Malini says it is difficult, women can play multiple roles simultaneously. Kavya says that it means making the impossible possible is in our hands. Malini says yes, you need a strong partner to win. Kavya remembers Adi.

Malini says Giriraj makes this dish well. Kavya asks why didn’t he come with you, did you fight with him, tell me, is he more angry or you. Malini says I can’t tell this to Omi and Adi, Giriraj and I don’t talk about this, we get food here and miss our child. Adi comes there and sees them. He asks Malini why she comes here every year and gets emotional. Kavya says that there is something called privacy also. Adi says this is nonsense. Kavya and Adi argue.

Giriraj comes and takes food. He says I got the news that the tempo of food has changed, I got the food prepared and brought it here. He sees Kavya and Adi holding the tray. He says I am late. Kavya thinks of ending their bitterness. She drops the food plate. Giriraj says she can’t handle the pan, she wants to handle the country. Kavya says now you can feed your halwa. She apologizes to Malini. She says I will go now. She leaves. Giriraj says I will feed you today.

Giriraj and Malini serve food to the women. Adi serves water. Kavya watches from a distance. Adi gets a bike to give him a lift. He says sit I will leave you. She says no thanks. She goes. He follows her and says you dropped the halwa, so that Giriraj serves the halwa and Malini gets happy, I look like a fool, but I am not a fool, wasting food doesn’t suit as an IAS officer, please. Sit down, this bike is heavy. He pulls her closer to him. They set out on the bike.

Adi and Kavya see the watchman and his wife. Chowkidar says we are fine, we have named our daughter Navya. Kavya says congratulations. Adi taunts them. Kavya says get serious sometimes. She gives some money to the man. She says buy something from me. Adi says keep it, else she gets angry, she is getting married. The man says, congratulations, I saw you two together and knew this day would come. He blesses Kavya. Shubh comes and says you are wrong, she will be happy with me, etc. He asks Kavya what happened, Pandit ji has fixed the date.

Shubh argues with the man. Kavya scolds him. She says I will tell uncle what you did. Shubh says think whether you want to ruin three lives or just one life, etc. She starts crying after seeing Jaideep admitted in the hospital.

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