Kavya 28th November 2023 Written Update

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Today’s Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 28 November 2023 episode starts with man remembering Shubh’s truth. Shubh taunts Adi. Adi goes away sad. Shubh invites the man to the wedding. Kavya goes home. She asks Anjali what Shubh is saying. Gauri says yes, it is next month. Anjali says I asked Gauri to wait for Rajeev. Gauri says yes, but our Pandit ji had come from Kanpur, we decided the time. Kavya says Shubh, I told you, I don’t love you, still you are doing this. He says we just got the wedding date.

She says the marriage will not happen. Jaideep and Rajiv came. Kavya asks Rajiv that look, they have got the wedding date without asking her. Shubh says tell them why you don’t want to get married. She says please shut up. He says no, what will you do, I have a small request, tell your father why you don’t want to marry, you give me the knowledge, tell him right now.The man says Shubh is not right for Kavya, I want to go and tell her the truth. His wife asks how will we tell now, when the wedding date will be fixed. He says but that man is not right, he is a liar.

If she says so then go and tell her. He says that we should not get involved in this. Rajeev asks what is Shubh saying. Kavya says I don’t want to get distracted. Shubh says I wish it was true. Jaideep says whatever be the reason, no one will put pressure on Kavya. He asks Kavya to continue posting. She says your family helped me, sorry, explain Shubh. Gives good arguments. Jaideep says she is right, it is a big decision, think well and decide. Gauri scolds Kavya. Jaideep is feeling unwell. Kavya says I didn’t say yes. Jaideep fell down. They all look at him and ask what happened. Anjali gets water. Shubh asks Kavya to come back, this happened because of her. Rajiv called the ambulance. They took Jaideep to the hospital. Gauri scolds Kavya.

Kavya consoles him. Gauri says this happened because of you, she is my life, go and say yes to the marriage, so that she gets fine, only you can save her. The man comes there and sees Kavya. He calls Gauri and asks how is Jaideep. Gauri says the doctor is examining him. He asks are you Kavya’s mother. She says yes, what’s the matter. He says Shubh is not right, he lied and blamed Adi, Adi didn’t hit him, he had hurt himself and blamed Adi, I have seen it, I request you to tell Kavya about her. Don’t marry, his parents didn’t give him a good upbringing. She scolds him. He says sorry, I am worried about Kavya, Adi keeps her happy, she will be happy with him. Gauri asks him to keep quiet.

She sends him. Kavya says doctor is calling you uncle… Gauri asks what happened. Shubh comes and says dad has a heart attack. Gauri asks what? She asks the doctor if Jaideep is fine. Doctor says we can’t say anything. Gauri and Shubh cry. Kavya says okay. He hugs her. She asks him to sit. Mayank comes. He calls Adi. He says come to city hospital, Jaideep uncle has suffered a heart attack. Adi is shocked.

Kavya sees Jaideep and prays for him. Shubh smiles seeing her. Gauri asks can you afford to lose Kavya, come with me. She asks what did you do. Shubh asks what did I do. Doctor says we can’t say anything now, next 24 hours are important. Kavya cries and remembers Jaideep.

Adi comes to meet Jaideep. Kavya runs and hugs him. She cries. Shubh says I got hurt by a nail, Omi came to me and gave me this idea, I like Kavya, who told you. Gauri says watchman came and told me everything, thinking I am Kavya’s mother, I have sent him. He says I will handle it. Gauri turns and sees Anjali. Anjali asks if Shubh has falsely accused Adi. Shubh gets angry at Adi. He pushes Kavya. Adi and Shubh argue.

Kavya asks them to stop it. Sanjeev comes to support Adi. Anjali says I trusted you, Kavya recognized Shubh’s truth. Gauri says no, you are misunderstanding Shubh. Anjali says I will tell him the truth. Gauri says okay, tell it to everyone, everyone is talking about Kavya and Adi’s closeness, Rajiv will be happy, Adi is his favorite.Shubh asks Adi to get lost. Adi says I will meet Jaideep sir. Rajeev is behind Shubh. Shubh falls back. Rajiv also fell. Adi says sorry uncle. Rajeev scolds Adi. Adi says sorry, I will leave. Adi leaves. Kavya becomes sad.

Shubh scolded the watchman. The man tells the truth to Kavya. Kavya scolds Shubh. Shubh threatened him.

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ANS. You can watch Kavya online on sonyliv or it will telecast on sonytv

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  1. In real life there are many Shubhs, Kaavyas and Adis. Each must never ever give in to blackmail however much may be at stake. A blackmail is a LIE and we should never give into liars.


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