Kavya 6th November 2023 Written Update

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Today’s Kavya  6th November 2023 episode starts with Kavya saying sometimes we don’t find words to express, I and my family were waiting for this day, Navya worked in this hospital many years ago, but unfortunately From, she got caught in a fake scam, I want to tell the villagers, Navya and her colleagues were good doctors, they have worked honestly, suppliers can know about fake and genuine medicines, doctors have to check the medicines given to them. Today is a good day, I want you to respect those honest people doctors too. Rajeev and Anjali cry seeing Kavya on TV. Everyone claps. Kavya says didi, I restarted the hospital, are you happy….

Giriraj says we will go now and inaugurate the hospital. Adhiraj says you said women should be respected, so Kavya should get a chance to inaugurate the hospital. Giriraj smiles and nods. Kavya finds Navya’s photo. She cuts the ribbon. She imagines Navya with herself. She stumbles. Adhiraj and Shubh catch him. She says I said I can handle myself.

Giriraj asks when did this start? Omi says Shubh is Jaideep’s son, Kavya was engaged to him and the engagement was broken. Giriraj says amazing, why didn’t you say this earlier. Omi asks what is special in this. Giriraj says the key is in front of us, now see how Adi comes out of the IAS camp, do as I say. Omi says okay, but think about Adi, he loves Kavya. Giriraj says if I want power and money then do as I say, I will bring 10 Kavyas for Adi, once he joins my political party. He smiles. Shubh looked at his wound. Omi comes. He says you have to use this wound, do you understand, say thank you to me, leave, I am a politician and do social service.

Adhiraj remembers Kavya’s words. Shubh comes and says Kavya is mine, she will always be mine, just go away. Adi asks him to leave. Shubh stops her and makes her angry. Both of them start fighting. Giriraj and everyone comes running. Shubh sees this and behaves like a victim. Everyone stops Adi. Shubh says he has gone mad, he wanted to kill me. Adi says don’t lie. Shubh says look at him. Giriraj asks what? Jaideep has said enough now.

Kavya looks on. Jaideep says we will go back to the academy and decide on this. Shubh says get Adi treated. Jaideep says I want to see you back in the academy, Adhiraj. Adhiraj asks Giriraj to leave him. Giriraj asks him to calm down. Anjali and Rajeev talk to jiji. Jiji asks them to think about Kavya. Anjali says everything will be fine, don’t worry. The woman leaves. Anjali says Kavya has become IAS. Rajiv laughed. She says I want Kavya to be happy and get everything in her life. He says yes.

Jaideep scolds Adhiraj. He says you have tried to attack Shubh before also. Giriraj says I can’t see my son being blamed. Adi says don’t try to save me. Giriraj says I love my son, Jaideep, tell me do you have any witness or proof, will you take my son out of the academy. Jaideep says we have a witness. Kavya comes. Giriraj says Adi saved you many times, tell him that his son did wrong, Adi is innocent. Jaideep says tell everyone the truth, had Adi threatened Shubh before and attacked him. She says yes.

Adi says you should have asked me, right, the game is of dad’s level. Giriraj asks how can we trust him. Jaideep says we have code of conduct here, Adhiraj has been suspended from this academy, decision will be taken later, he has to leave the academy immediately.

Adhiraj says yes sir. Giriraj smiles and leaves. He says Omi, I am proud to call you my son, I think you can learn bad politics like me, just control your anger, Adi is about to come, we will wait in the car. Omi looks on. He thinks Adi forgive me, dad’s words mean a lot, Adi had to pay the price for it, sorry. He cries and goes. Shubh smiles and goes to catch Kavya. Adi looks on.
Kavya celebrates. Adi gets angry. Giriraj says I will not leave them. Anjali asks have you forgiven Shubh. Adi says I will forget Kavya.

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