Katha Ankahee 6th November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 6th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in Katha Ankahi 6th November 2023

Today’s Katha Ankahee 6th November 2023 episode starts with Viaan says that he was not supposed to come but due to his fate he had to come, Raghav says that Viaan came because of Ruhi’s invitation, but Viaan replies that there was firefly on the card which brought him here, He says he has to make a call. Both of them are requested to continue, Viaan leaves saying that he enjoyed meeting Katha, Raghav is surprised to see Katha who says that he is going to light the candles. Will be back after.

Viaan recalls coming out of the party when Katha said that she does not want to start any new chapter with Viaan and has moved on after which today Raghav introduced her as his fiancée. Viaan said that a firefly drew him towards Katha and is it her love that brought him from the darkness. Viaan thinks that she might be lying to herself and even to the world but he knows that she loves him. Katha is looking towards Viaan when Raghav calls her,

Paranav comes to Katha saying that they have to praise him as he came following him, because of his friendship with Raghav sir and they had to become friends. Raghav introduces Katha to both Mr. and Mrs. Shah, they all turn back after hearing the voice. Katha is shocked to see Viaan playing the guitar, while everyone else gets mesmerized by his performance and they all start enjoying it, Viaan slowly starts walking towards Katha and Raghav, who faces But he is looking at Viaan with a smile, but Viaan keeps turning here and there. Story.

Viaan is still singing when Katha starts getting a little uncomfortable, Raghav comes to ask Katha to dance which makes Viaan a bit disappointed but then he continues his singing, while Raghav starts dancing with Katha right in front of him. She does it, even Katha stops and looks at Viaan but then she tries to follow Raghav’s path, although she is not interested in the dance at all and after the song ends, she becomes a little restless. It happens.

Vanya plans that they will go to Raghav’s house and bring out his brother, Teji agrees so they both get up to leave when Ahsaan asks how they will do that, he says he is not sure if Viaan is there. Whether it is or not, but if they go this way it may create problems for the narrative as well. Vanya says that she just cares for her brother, Ahsaan says that he also cares for Viaan but this reaction can make things worse, Teji agrees with him.

Viaan asks Ruhi to put the guitar back in its place when Raghav says that her performance was really amazing but her emotions can make anyone cry. Viaan says he thinks crying and being happy is part of a healthy relationship, so asks what Katha thinks, he says he thinks the people who are with him through his ups and downs are really there. His companions are there, when the narrator says that he feels that they should forget the person who has moved on in his life.

Raghav suggests that the two of them should have a debate about love and he is sure that people will have to pay the price for it. Katha asks Raghav what is he saying, Raghav says that she was about to argue with him and she should do it because that’s what a healthy relationship means, Raghav replies that that’s what he wants but Katha always focuses on it occurs. Viaan suggests that Raghav should ask if he has anything from his past, but then looks at Katha and tells him that it is a bad joke, although Raghav replies that it makes sense when Katha says that He feels that the memories that cause him pain should be forgotten and moved on. Why is there a need to be so quiet about it.

Viaan says that he would disagree with both of them on this because his love is so strong that he cannot forget it and his life is like an open book and hence nothing can change his feelings for his love. And he can also express it in front of everyone. , Viaan asks Katha when did she fall in love with Raghav when he says that Katha does not love him but she is his most trusted friend and companion, as far as love is concerned, it will definitely happen in the future.

Viaan mentions that there are two important things in a relationship which are trust and honesty, Viaan sees the family picture of Raghav with Ruhi and Aarav with Katha, Viaan is unable to forget the beautiful moments spent with Aarav so asks Raghav. Who mentions to him is their son Aarav, Viaan says that he is the one who made the card. Katha starts leaving saying that she will come back, Viaan tells Raghav that he just has Katha which is her book while Raghav has real family and after hearing all this he actually got information about it So what if he writes another book, Raghav agrees with Viaan that he should really write another book.

Katha is sitting on the bed when Viaan enters the room, he asks why Katha is doing all this with Raghav and whether she even likes him let alone loving him. Katha asks why does he care since he knows neither Raghav nor the situation, but Viaan replies that he would have understood it, Katha says that he has not made any promises to Raghav, Viaan

Asks about the promises he made to her. All were true and would she be able to forget them. Katha tells that she has started a new life with this family and has chosen it for herself, so will do anything for their safety, Viaan asks if she will stop breathing and start living her life, Katha Tells that she has closed the doors of her love and thrown away the key, Viaan tells her not to do it as it will come back to him in the future and will hurt him a lot when Katha says that he is trying To scare and blackmail her when Viaan says that she is torturing herself but he will not let her make mistakes.

Katha stops him saying that she was given many hints earlier but she did not listen to them, but now she has realized that everything bad happens when they both come together, she tells him to forget all this and live his life. Asks to move forward in life. , Viaan says she should say she should die as it would be easier, he asks her not to lie as her beautiful eyes tell the truth and the only thing she needs to do is hug her tightly and Say it out loud in front of everyone.

That she is his, when he apologizes for all this Katha pushes him away, Katha says that this destiny has brought him here to show that this Katha has started a new life and now for him It’s time to move on too, she is adamant while Viaan says it’s a lie and her eyes can tell. Katha says she doesn’t have the strength to hear the truth, she can tell it in any language as she has moved on in her life and they have ended.

Precap: Raghav tells Katha that Viaan has invited him to the office, Katha asks Viaan if he will tell his broken love story to Raghav then Viaan says he is just going to tell the truth. Viaan tells Ahsaan that Katha is the one who has given him hope, Raghav who enters the office agrees with Viaan that she will come back into his life on her own which Viaan is shocked to hear.


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