Kumkum Bhagya 13th October 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 13th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 13th October 2023 episode starts with the family seeing Ranbir hugging Mihika as well as holding Prachi’s hand.Akshay gets furious and goes to separate Ranbir’s hand while Mihika thanks Prachi for thinking right about her brother and Akshay takes Prachi to the sofa.Mihika stops Ranbir from going there and starts telling him how Akshay only listens to his wife Prachi and everything is fine now.

Akshay says everything is not well as everyone knows they don’t like each other.He tells Ranbir that he will give him a grand welcome when he comes to the wedding but till then Ranbir has to leave the house.Mihika argues that she doesn’t want Ranbir to go.Ranbir requests the elders to let him stay there for the sake of Khushi as she would be in mental trauma, while Akshay shows sympathy and agrees to hug Ranbir which shocks everyone.

Later, Akshay is sitting in his room covered in darkness and remembering how Ranbir brought Prachi home, when Mihika comes and tells him that problems will follow him even in the dark.Akshay asks her to speak up and not waste his time after which she asks him why she stopped Ranbir as she wanted him to go back to Kohli’s house.Akshay argues that he did what Prachi wanted to keep in her good books but realizes that Mihika’s logic is correct.

He says that if Ranbir and Prachi are together, they cannot be separated and he will not let Prachi go anywhere away from them.Ashok overhears them and becomes worried while Mihika and Akshay decide to tell each other their plans before implementing them.Elsewhere, Ashok speaks to his family doctor on call, saying that he is seeing the same symptoms in his children as before.

The doctor becomes concerned, saying that if seven years of symptoms have returned, they do not need to argue or try to fight.He tells them to prepare themselves to be separated from him because they may go back to where they were seven years ago.Manpreet gets worried and asks Ashok who worriedly tells her about the conversation he had with the doctor.On the other hand, Ranbir talks to Vikram on call and tells him that he will definitely come back with Prachi and Khushi this time while walking towards Prachi’s room.

Mihika sees him and silently follows her inside Prachi’s room, Ranbir admires sleeping Prachi while Akshay watches him from the dark corner.Ranbir leaves while Akshay praises her saying that he wants to sleep next to her and see her every night.At the same time, Mihika goes to Ranbir and tells him that she is scared and behaving frantically.He calms her down while she tells him she needs him.However, Ranbir tells her that he cannot live with her and asks her why she is behaving like this.She asks him how can he ask her this and cries that Ashok will have a heart attack if their marriage gets broken.

Mihika begs him to marry her and tells him that she will let him continue to meet Prachi as she understands that he has come to this house because of her.Ranbir calms her worries and tells her that he will think of something, while Mihika smiles to herself while staying in Ranbir’s arms.Ashok sees them from a distance and becomes even more worried.Next morning, Prachi enters the kitchen to make Ranbir’s favorite aloo paranthas.

She hears Ranbir asking Prachi not to add chilli powder to the stuffing and when Prachi is not looking she smiles while adding chilli to the stuffing.In the hall, the family is enjoying great time with the family while Khushi tells how Ranbir saved her and Prachi.Prachi brings paranthas while Mihika stops Ranbir from eating saying that not being able to see him hurting can be spicy.He tells her that it is okay as he told Prachi not to make it spicy while Akshay says that Prachi probably won’t remember.

Prachi reasons that she added less spicy chilli powder and Ranbir bites the chilli and starts hissing because of the spice.Prachi brings honey and feeds it to Ranbir while Mihika accuses her of doing this deliberately and pushes her away and everyone watches in shock.


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ANS. You can watch Kumkum Bhagya online on zee5 or it will telecast on ZEETV

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