Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2023 episode starts withRanbir’s manager comes home and tells Ranbir that Mr. Juneja wants his deal to be finalized within an hour. If Ranbir doesn’t go, he will miss the deal. Everyone says that Ranbir needs rest. Akshay says I will go and close the deal. The manager says this is not possible. Prachi also says that Ranbir can’t go, but Ranbir says, I am feeling better. I can go. He gets up to leave. Prachi goes to him and says don’t go. Akshay and Mihika keep watching. Ranbir says it is necessary for me to go, if I don’t go then we will suffer big loss. He leaves. Akshay asks the goons to be ready. Prachi is worried as she is holding her mangalsutra.

Ranbir and his manager come out. The manager says that he got a message that his mother was unwell and he would not be able to accompany her. Ranbir asks him to take care of his mother and he leaves alone in his car. The goons chase Ranbir’s car. Ranbir decides to call Mr. Juneja. The call does not go through. He says his manager must have given him the wrong number and he decided to meet her directly at the office.

Akshay calls the goon and says he wants to see everything live on video call. He offers extra money. The goon agrees.A man comes in front of Ranbir’s car and becomes unconscious. Ranbir comes out of the car to see her. The man takes out a knife. Other goons join in. One of the goons attacks Ranbir. Ranbir fights with the goons and tries to escape, but he falls. A goon attacked him several times with a knife. Prachi feels something is not right and runs away saying leave him.

Akshay sees her and goes after her. Prachi says she needs to save Ranbir. On one side Ranbir falls on the ground and on the other side Prachi becomes unconscious. The goons leave. Ranbir gets desperate and asks for help. A couple stops, but seeing the knife wound they do not help and leave. Mihika comes there and is shocked to see Ranbir in such a condition. She asks him to stay awake and takes him to the hospital.

Prachi wakes up from sleep and takes Ranbir’s name. Manpreet and Vishakha calm her down saying that everything will be fine. They put him to sleep again. Prachi keeps taking Ranbir’s name and says he is not well.

Abhay sees that Akshay is upset and asks him what is the matter. Akshay says, how is this possible? Abhay asks what? Akshay says heart to heart connection. Abhay says I don’t know what is happening. How can I answer you? Akshay tells him, you will not be able to tell. Even after knowing everything, I will not be able to tell. Abhay is confused.

Akshay says, I hired a goon to kill Ranbir. Prachi was feeling pain when they were beating Ranbir. how is that possible? Abhay says, it seems as if there is a connection between them, as if their souls are one. Akshay says, I want that connection with Prachi. Prachi’s love for Ranbir is on the next level. I am sure she can love me the same way. Abhay says, this is possible only in one way. Ranbir will have to go through Prachi’s heart. Akshay says once Ranbir leaves the world, he will also leave Prachi’s heart. It will take time, but eventually Prachi will have my shoulder to lean on.

The goons are trying to contact Akshay, but the call is not going through. They decided to go to his house.Ranbir was saved. Mihika cries and says that she couldn’t see him like this. Doctor comes and says, he is fine. Fortunately the wounds were not very deep. He prescribes him medicine and tells him he can go home. Feeling relieved, Mihika hugs Ranbir.

Divya asks Vishakha how she is taking care of Prachi. It seems as if she loves Prachi more than her own daughter. Vishakha says right now the whole house is under Prachi’s control, so you have to behave well with her and then use her. Vishakha comes to Prachi and puts a wet cloth on her forehead to reduce her fever. Prachi asks Ranbir to call her once. Vishakha tells him not to think too much. Divya thinks what magic has Prachi done on everyone that she is behaving like this for another man and no one is saying anything to her.

The goons come outside the house and call Akshay. Akshay’s father sees his phone and tells him that someone is calling Raghu. Akshay goes to her and takes the phone and angrily disconnects the call. The goons get angry and call him again. After his father leaves he picks up the phone. The goon asks why he is not answering her calls and says if he did not answer, he was going to come inside the house. Akshay asks him to wait outside. He picks up the knife and says, I know how to deal with such threats. Akshay’s father sees him going out.

Precap: Akshay says to Prachi, I am your husband and if that Ranbir is dying, then let him die. Prachi raises her voice and says Akshay! You are not my husband. Outside the house, the goons tell Akshay that they have murdered Ranbir.

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Q1. where to watch Kumkum Bhagya

ANS. You can watch Kumkum Bhagya online on zee5 or it will telecast on ZEETV

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