Kundali Bhagya 20th October 2023 Written Update

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Today’s Kundali Bhagya 20th October 2023 episode starts withSandy bumps into Rajveer and asks him if he loves Palkhi, Rajveer gets offended when asked if it’s a bit personal so says that Sandy should stay away from his life, Sandy replies that she very much. is away but his friend Shaurya is getting personally interested in someone, Rajveer agrees to answer if Sandy answers one of his questions, Rajveer admits that he loves Palkhi but asks What is happening with Shaurya and Shanaya, Sandy replies that Shaurya is really confused and the one he loves doesn’t realize it, Sandy asks if Rajveer has understood this then Rajveer has When he answered, he realized that he should not have asked this question to Sandy because when he was explaining it to her, she felt like an alien. Rajveer leaves when Sandy shouts that no one here understands anything but he understands everything.

Gurpreet asks Preeta if Rajveer listened to her, Preeta replies that he heard everything but didn’t say anything in return and then she thinks he must have listened to her, Partham says he knows the way so they Should leave a message, Gurpreet replies they also know it, Partham asks Mohit to drive carefully and not practice on his car, Gurpreet also scolds him.

Rajveer is walking when he gets a call so he answers it after seeing the unknown number, Raja asks what do they have to do with this girl when Nidhi gets very worried when she hears him, she questions She finds out what he is doing with her phone and accuses him of intentionally exchanging it due to his personal agenda, Nidhi leaves him warning him not to think of doing it again, Rajveer gets a bit upset. Got worried.

Partham asks Mohit to stop the car here that this warehouse is also closed for some time, after getting out of the car Mohit asks how can anyone be present here as there is no one around, Preeta tells Mohit. She asks him to talk quietly because if someone is here then I will definitely be alert, Mohit replies but he has no hope.

Srishti rapidly fires the gun due to which Raja falls down, she tries to run away but Raja holds her ears with all his might, Srishti tries with all her strength to run away but she gets hit on the head by a wooden stick. Due to which she screams, Preeta hears the scream along with everyone else. Preeta is running past the empty boxes with Partham and Gurpreet, Srishti gets dizzy and finally falls down, Preeta hears Raja shouting at her to wake her up, she runs to open the door which is Seeing this, Raja and his companions get worried,

Nikhil asks what they want. When Preeta replies that they heard someone shouting from here, Nikhil says that they were just acting but Raja says that both of them. Has watched the movie Dream Girl and started acting. Preeta and Gurpreet both say that they want to search the warehouse, however Raja refuses to let them go inside, Partham takes out his gun and threatens them all to stay there, Nikhil also gets his pleasure from Raja. Asks to take it out, hearing which Mohit asks why do they even do that there is a gun, Nikhil prompts Raja saying what if they are able to find him,

Preeta comes out saying That they couldn’t find anyone, Gurpreet and Mohit are relieved as they couldn’t find him here so they apologize before leaving. Nikhil quickly closes the door after which Raja gets angry saying that all three of them are not able to handle a girl, he threatens to hang Nikhil with a needle, Nikhil says now things have become worse. and they have to ask Nidhi what they do with this girl, Nikhil tries after saying that she is not answering, Raja gets angry saying that it is with rich people because they keep their After completion of the work does not answer the call, he says that he will personally go and talk to Nidhi ma’am. Suggesting face to face that they all should keep an eye on this Preeta.

Palki asks Bani Dadi if she is not feeling pain now, Bani Dadi replies that she is fine so Palki tells that she should take the wheelchair, Kavya says that she just wants to see if that is all. Brings something. Bani Dadi tells that she wishes Palki should have married Shaurya even though she likes her sister a lot, Kavya says there is nothing to worry about as Palki is marrying Rajveer and she wants to marry him. She will not let him go away so easily because he has accepted her as his own. Sister, Palki replies that there is nothing like that, Bani Dadi tells that if she had not seen it on the big screen she would not have believed it, Kavya says that there is definitely something going on when Bani Dadi says that This is love.

Nidhi is walking when she sees Shanaya, she starts angrily remembering when she said that Shanaya is a middle class girl who can never marry her Shaurya, Shanaya tries to leave smiling.

But Nidhi asks why she is being so smart, Shanaya replies that she does. Doesn’t hate her because she is Shaurya’s mother so respects him a lot, Shanaya questions what Nidhi is trying to say and she should say it clearly, Nidhi warns Shanaya to talk in low voice. Because she doesn’t have standards to talk about, even as servants their house is bigger than hers, Shanaya replies that people who are honest never bow before anyone else, Nidhi tells her this Hui warns her to see that she says everything to her face, Shanaya asks what is the problem with Nidhi as she doesn’t like the way she talks to her,

Nidhi replies that Shanaya is her problem so she Warns that she should not think of coming to this house if she goes mad then Shanaya will be left with nowhere to go, Shanaya thinks she has heard what Nidhi has said but once she Then going to swear that she is definitely going to become Mrs. Luthra and the daughter of this house, she promises to meet Nidhi as a permanent resident of this house.

Nikhil and his partner drag Srishti into the room, Nikhil suggests that they should tie her hands and legs as she might try to escape once again, they quickly start tying Srishti’s hands and legs to a chair. Yes, they also plan to keep a close eye on the door.

Shanaya knocks on Shaurya’s room but he is not there, she comes inside and wonders where he went so she thinks of calling him but gets worried when her phone starts ringing in the room. , Shaurya enters the room and says he is glad he came the way he did. While waiting for her, Shanaya asks what happened that Shaurya looks happy, Kareena stands at the door remembering when Rakhi said that she heard Shaurya saying that he needs to convince Badi Maa first. Kareena thinks of keeping an eye on both of them as kids do that. Don’t say anything,

hanaya replies that she knows he always smiles, Shaurya replies that she loves him a lot when she is around him. Feels good so Shaurya asks if she remembers why she came here, Shanaya says she knows he wants her to do everything he wants has told her to do so so that everything Okay, Shaurya replies that if he goes to Badi Maa she will not take him seriously, Shanaya replies that she knows she will be able to convince Badi Maa and she will accept it, Shanaya She replies that all she wants is a return gift from him so she needs a hug, Shaurya agrees but then says that she is not comfortable with all this, Shanaya also replies that she is okay with all this. Not comfortable and hence hesitant to talk to Badi Dadi, Shaurya gets excited and leaves. Shanaya thinks she knew that Kareena aunty was listening to their conversation so she said all this but now she will go down and refuse and then Rakhi aunty herself will go and convince Shaurya that he should get married, she thinks this is the story. What Shaurya has tried to do is going to happen.

Kareena goes to the kitchen and tells Rakhi that she needs her, Rakhi replies that she is always with her, when Kareena replies she knows that Rakhi always supported her or rather the whole family But today she’s praising his intuition, so she tells him she was leaving. Shaurya’s room and then saw Shanaya with Shaurya, and he was asking her to ask Rakhi Maa about their marriage, Rakhi started smiling saying that she knew what was happening but she That Shaurya is like his father Karan who cannot express what is in his heart.

Rakhi says she has an idea so she asks Kareena to come with her and suggests that she should keep a close eye on both of them because if Shaurya denies it in future then they will have proof if Kareena Di herself has heard this, Rakhi suddenly remembers one thing when Kareena got a little worried and asked what happened, then Rakhi told that she wanted Preeta to stay here with them because then they would have their Rudra also who He would have grown up, and if he had been with them, they would have got all three couples married. In the same mandap, Kareena says that this is the problem with Rakhi as she gets emotional telling that she thought Preeta was dead but she is alive so who knows their Rudra may also be alive and she got married. Have also done it.

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Kundali Bhagya 19th October 2023 Written Update

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