kumkum Bhagya 24th November 2023 Written Update

kumkum Bhagya 24th November 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 24th November 2023 episode starts with Manpreet happily saying that everyone doesn’t think about money. Khushi says she thinks about money and tells that being poor she had to kill her desires. She says that once she had to wait for years to buy a slipper. She says that she is Purvi’s elder sister and doesn’t want her to suffer like her childhood. She says that she does not have a father and her mother was always busy with work. Prachi tells her to talk to Purvi if she has doubts about this alliance and asks Purvi what she wants?

Prachi says happily, you have married a rich boy, but what is the use, he has no time for you. Khushi says at least I am happy. She says she didn’t make choices like him. Manpreet says this girl says anything. Vishakha says she cares for us, cares for Purvi, she came to give us happiness, but she got pain in return. She goes after Khushi.

doorbell rings. Ranbir wonders who has come, and opens the door. He sees Purvi and takes her bag, and asks her to come inside. He asks the driver to bring water. Purvi comes in and sits. Ranbir asks if he has pain in his leg due to injury. She says she has sprained her leg. Ranbir says he will fix it and holds her leg. She refused, telling him not to do so. Ranbir says if you had refused then your father would have done this. She says she doesn’t have a father.

He says my daughter is not here, when I take care of you, I become your dad for some time. He twists his leg and heals it. He asks when did she get engaged. Purvi says she has engagement tomorrow, she tries the ring to check the size. Ranbir says God bless you and says good things will happen to you. Purvi gives him Rs 2500 and says she will leave. He appreciates her for her truthfulness. Purvi says my fiance is waiting and leaves from there. She comes to Ashutosh and the mechanic tells him the amount for the repair. She tries to tell him about KK, but he ignores her and talks to someone on the phone. They sit in the auto.

The RV is in its room. Grandfather comes there looking for Yug and tells that his friend also has karate, black belt and says he will call him here. He asks where is your brother? RV Says from behind the sofa. Grandfather goes behind the sofa and beats Yug. Yug comes to RV and asks him to save him. RV tells that grandfather’s friends know everything. He asks what is Yug’s mistake. Grandfather says Yug has created a social media account and has written his name Yug Maa Ka Ashirwad. He asks them to write Yug Dada ji’s blessings and tells that he loves him a lot. Yug says you should have told this before beating us. Grandfather asks RV why he is sad, and says that she is not his mother or grandmother, but he understands without her saying so. RV thinks about Purvi.

Ashutosh and Purvi come back home. Prachi asks Purvi to make tea for Ashutosh. Purvi goes to kitchen to make tea. Prachi tells that she went to KK’s house, but it is someone else’s house. Purvi says the address was correct, she had gone there and given him the money, and tells that she had saved the money from shopping. Prachi asks how did you save money? Purvi says Ashutosh bargained. Ashutosh says that he tried, explained and negotiated the price with the salesman.

Khushi says so you lectured her for 25 minutes. Ashutosh gets up and says he has to go to the insurance company because someone’s evil eye has fallen on his scooter. Prachi asks what happened. He asks her to ask Purvi and leaves. Purvi tells about the accident. Prachi and Khushi ask if he is fine? Purvi says yes. Khushi sees the engagement ring on his finger and asks him to come with her. Prachi asks Vishakha if Khushi is fine? Vishakha says Khushi is fine and if she is not fine then she will not come here.

Grandfather asks RV, what happened, why is he stressed? Yug says RV is stressed because of KK and keeps praising her. Grandfather says it is good that KK is not a girl, else you would have cut off our noses and run away with her. Grandfather tells that this is the problem of girls. RV told them that he had an accident with his scooter, and told that the girl’s ring had fallen down, and it was her engagement ring, so she started saying that the vein on the engagement finger goes to the heart etc.

Grandfather says he is right and tells him that his fate is now linked with his. He says that now they are destined to be together and asks if the girl was beautiful. RV says yes, and then says that she was not that beautiful. Grandfather gets a call from grandmother and leaves. Yug asks if that girl was Purvi? RV says ‘no’ and keeps looking.

Khushi asks Purvi why Ashutosh gave her the ring a day before the engagement.Why was it worn and it was also light in weight. Diya says he will not do anything without specific time. Purvi tells that she was trying to check. Khushi says if she doesn’t want to tell then it’s fine and is about to leave. Purvi tells him that RV made her wear the ring.

Precap: Ranbir wakes up at night and thinks Khushi must have got engaged by now. Purvi happily says that she doesn’t want a rich husband who doesn’t have time for her, rather she wants a life partner who is supportive. th him always. RV tells Yug that the girl is not Purvi. Yug says I didn’t ask and it means she is in your mind.

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ANS. You can watch Kumkum Bhagya online on ZEE5 or it will telecast on ZEETV

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