Kundali Bhagya 30th October 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 30th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Kundali Bhagya  episode starts with Srishti feeling guilty for not being more determined to stop Rajveer and Preeta from staying in Mumbai.She asks God to get her killed because she is tired of explaining to them that Mumbai is not a place for them because it only gives them.However, she switches gears and says who will take care of Preeta if she dies?

On the other hand, the police officer meets another team who explains to them what the further action plan will be.Meanwhile, Rajveer asks Karan to leave and he and Mohit will handle the situation.The police inspector learns that Rajveer calls Karan ‘Sir’ and asks him why his son is calling him Sir.However, Karan tells him that this happens when Rajveer is angry or upset at him.

Nidhi comes there and scolds all the goons for ruining her plan, while they shout about Srishti changing her dupatta.On the other hand, Srishti hears Rocky telling Nidhi that they have locked Srishti inside because she is in trouble.Nidhi takes the gun from him and asks him to show her the way.Meanwhile, Preeta calls Mohit to know if they have any news about Srishti and tells him that she will also go there with him as she can’t wait to find Srishti.

As Preeta tries to catch an auto, Aarohi who is at the signal sees Preeta and is shocked to see her there instead of being trapped by the goons.Aarohi immediately calls Nidhi to tell her the news who tells her that she knew that Preeta was not kidnapped.Aarohi tells her that she has to be careful otherwise she will get into trouble.Nidhi remembers that Katya lives where Preeta is and tells her that she will take her immediately.

Later, Nidhi tells Katya to kidnap the girl on signal and if he cannot do so then kill her immediately.After sending the photo to Katya, Srishti looks around for Srishti and asks her to come out.She tells him that she will kill Preeta also today as this will be her gift from him.Srishti gets furious and warns Nidhi that she will not dare to touch Preeta.

Nidhi laughs at her that she speaks so boldly even when she is injured and helpless.However, Srishti tells him that she is Preeta’s protective shield and she would die a thousand deaths if she had to save Preeta.Nidhi laughs at him while Srishti tells him that she is trusting liars as they only dance to the tune of money.When challenged, Nidhi sends the goon out saying that she will handle Srishti alone.

Nidhi accepts the challenge and tells him that she will definitely kill Preeta on her birthday.Later, she tells Srishti to run around if she is really that strong.After a while, Srishti catches Nidhi and ties her on the table and says that now she will expose her.She also tells him that she will not only bring Preeta and Karan together but will also get them married.

As Srishti is about to leave, a goon attacks her from behind and leaves her in pain.Nidhi gets angry and after being freed from the ropes, Nidhi kicks Srishti’s shins and tells her that she has made her very angry and now she will burn in the heat of her anger.Later, Nidhi sprinkles kerosene oil around and sets the warehouse on fire, despite the goons advising her against it.


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Q1. where to watch Kundali Bhagya

ANS. You can watch Kundali Bhagya online on ZEE5 or it will telecast on ZEETV

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