kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2023 Written Update

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Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2023 episode starts with  Mihika asking Ranbir why he doesn’t want to tell everything to everyone, because he wants to save his fake honor and wants to save goodness, why do you want to save it, its all fake. Is. Vikram asks Ashok and then Ranbir, what is happening? Ranbir says we will go inside and talk. Ashok and Manpreet ask Mihika to go and talk to Ranbir. Mihika says no one will get parents like me and no one will get a husband like my brother. Akshay asks him to stop his nonsense.

Mihika shouts and calls Prachi. Khushi asks what’s happening? Manpreet asks Divya to take her for ice cream. Mihika asks Prachi to come down. Ranbir requests to talk to him. Akshay asks Mihika not to involve Prachi and him and resolve the matter with Ranbir. Mihika says I told that no one will get a husband like you. Akshay asks him to stay here.

Mihika asks do you have any idea and says she was romancing with Ranbir in the room. She says I saw them kissing each other. Everyone is surprised. Manpreet asks Mihika to come. Mihika says instead of taking me from here you should question your daughter-in-law. Vishakha says let him talk. Ranbir says if he starts talking then the atmosphere will get spoiled and then I will start talking and no one can stop me. He says I can’t hear anything against Prachi.

Mihika asks what about you two? Ranbir says there is a relation of respect between us. Mihika asks him to kiss her too. Ranbir says I want to respect you, but you do something that you fall in my eyes, and do something big. He says how can you expect me to respect you. Mihika says Prachi and your relation is as pure as Ganga, and if you say anything then it is dirty. She asks him to stop saying that Prachi’s relationship with him is pure. Akshay asks if he kissed Prachi? He asks Prachi what did Ranbir say? Pallavi says why does this girl not let anyone live in peace. Dida asks him to calm down. Pallavi says Mihika is hurt and that is why she is saying so.

Akshay asks Prachi if she kissed him? Pallavi asks Prachi to tell. She says Ranbir is Mihika’s future husband and he is not yours anymore. Ranbir says no, there is nothing between Mihika and me, I do not love her and am not her fiancé anymore. He says you should support Prachi, when Mihika is trying to ruin her respect. He tells Prachi that he is with her.

Akshay asks did he kiss you? Ranbir says yes, I kissed her. He says Mihika is right, but the kiss was not with bad intentions, it was a pure kiss, which has feelings. He says I kissed her on the forehead, like I kissed my mother and sister. He says it was the kiss I gave my daughter when she was born and I kissed her on the forehead and thanked her for coming into my life. He says that it was not a physical kiss, but a kiss of the soul. Akshay says you guys do this behind my back.

Manpreet says I will not listen to anything against Prachi and asks Akshay to stop it. She asks Prachi to answer everyone and says no one has the right to question you and you don’t have to answer to anyone. Ashok comes to her and says I don’t know what to do, to take the burden of bad questions from my children’s mind. He says I am unfortunate, I considered you my daughter and you are being punished. He apologizes to her. Mihika asks have you both gone mad? She says Ranbir is not my fiance, but Prachi is Akshay’s wife till now. Ranbir asks him to stop it and says I didn’t tell anyone till now, but I can’t stop now. He says I am very hurt and I have to tell the truth to Prachi and Akshay.

Akshay told him to talk to him and not his wife. Ranbir says Prachi is not your wife, I know the whole truth. He says you did not fill kumkum in Prachi’s demand. He says your rounds were not completed, your mangalsutra was not around Prachi’s neck, your marriage is fake, she was never your wife and you both have no relation. He says sorry to Prachi and says even after knowing this, I remained within my limits, and did not go close to her or take advantage of her respect. He says enough is enough and everyone will know this.

Akshay says this is nonsense? Ashok says everything is true. He says that I came to know about this some time ago. Manpreet says I knew Prachi would never cross her limits and she never did this. She says that if there was any other girl in her place, she would have gone with Ranbir, but she respected the relationship which never happened. Ashok says Prachi is not our daughter-in-law, but our daughter.

Manpreet says that when everyone came to know that Akshay and Prachi are not husband and wife, I want my daughter Prachi to marry a boy who knows how to support her, who values her love, who respects women. And that is Ranbir. Akshay, Mihika and Vishakha get worried.

Manpreet asks Pallavi if she agrees with Prachi and Ranbir’s alliance? Akshay asks what are you saying? Ashok asks him to keep quiet. Ranbir tells Pallavi that he can’t live without Prachi and says I live without her, but I don’t breathe, I feel so incomplete without her, and you know very well that she makes me complete. Does it. He requests her to give her happiness to him, let him be with Prachi. Dida says Ranbir’s life is our life, I accept this alliance. She says ever since I saw them, they are together and love each other a lot, don’t separate them, let them be together. She says we are not doing anything with them, it is God’s will.

Vikram says you are right and says they have a daughter Khushi, their family will be complete. He says Ranbir and Prachi will live together. Ranbir tells Prachi that they have been separate till now, listened to people’s words and now I want to be with you, let people say whatever they want, God has united us and I will marry you. Pallavi says Ranbir…and kisses him on the forehead. She nods her head in agreement and folds her hands in front of Manpreet saying that she agrees to her daughter’s alliance. She hugs Manpreet. Ranbir looks at Prachi emotionally.

Pallavi, Dida and Vikram hug Ranbir. Tere Mera Bandhan… song plays… Ashok asks Vikram and Pallavi to bring Ranbir’s wedding procession for their daughter to their house. they laughed. Ranbir asks Prachi to sit with him for puja, and says our Nakshatras are similar.

Ranbir and Prachi sit together for puja. Prachi asks Ranbir, you didn’t ask me whether I want to marry you or not. Ranbir says it was God’s wish and asks if you would have refused? Prachi says God’s will. Akshay comes home angrily and recalls the incidents. He says why did Prachi do this to me, I will end everything. Vishakha comes behind him and tries to stop him. She says I told you to behave well with Prachi, and says you do whatever you want for her, I told you not to vent out your anger. She says you won’t get anything by doing this and cries.

She asks him to do as he said and cries, reminding him of his promise. Akshay gets very angry and leaves from there. Vishakha cries. He recalls their fake marriage, incidents, Manpreet’s proposal for Ranbir-Prachi’s marriage, Ashok warning him, Mihika accusing Prachi etc. He hits the punching bag. Manpreet comes there and tries to stop him. She asks Prachi to go and stop him. Prachi sees his hand bleeding and asks him to stop, and not do this. She comes in front of the punching bag. Akshay stops… Prachi asks him to stop and asks why is he not listening. Akshay remembers Ranbir’s words and gets worried.

Precap: Akshay tells Prachi that he will go to transfer Khushi’s custody in her name, Khushi will be completely yours. Later he promises Vishakha that he will become a father to Khushi and Khushi herself will be the reason for his union with Prachi. He says I will do all the wedding arrangements, but I will sit on the mandap with Prachi’s consent. Vishakha smiled.

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