Kundali Bhagya 3rd December 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 3rd December 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Kundali Bhagya 3rd December 2023 episode starts with Palki is smiling looking at Rajveer who is also not able to hide his emotions when Preeta says Palki is looking very beautiful but says both Shanaya and Palki are very beautiful, Daljeet says that they both are her daughters when she says that Shanaya is very beautiful even when Palki is also beautiful but not compared to Shanaya. Preeta asks palki to come to the side informing that she is looking very pretty and asks if she has agreed with the Roka since everything happened in such a hurry so she just wanted to be sure, Palki agrees but then Preeta says that they cannot go ahead however Palki says she likes him, preeta gets excited saying she knew they both liked each other but she wanted to hear it from her mouth, Preeta hugs Palki seeing which Rajveer starts smiling, Pandit jee asks Preeta to call them both as it is time for the Roka, so she calls Rjaveer who is standing in the corner.

Shaurya is diving very fast getting away from the police but they are still following him so Sandy gets worried asking Shaurya to not think about them, the police inspector asks them to turn to the other side, Sandy praises Shaurya for driving very professionally as he surely left the police.

Mahesh is following Rakhi who questions what is he doing as he is just following her but not helping her, she says she asked him about the list of the dry fruits and the sweets which the still need but he did not give her anything yet still wants to disturb her, Mahesh says it is not the wedding of Shaurya but his Roka while she is preparing as if it is his wedding, Rakhi says that Roka is nothing less then a wedding and that too of her Shaurya so everything should be grand, she gets worried thinking the designer has not send the dresses so what are they going to wear, Mahesh calls someone.

Rishab is thinking when his phone rings so Karan asks if he cannot hear it, Rishab answers the call of Mahesh who requests him to come back as he cannot handle their mother, Rishab questions what is he saying, Rakhi is screaming when Mahesh asks if he heard the voice of his mother who is panicking and he would not be able to handle her, he requests Rishab to come back home when Rishab asks Mahesh to calm down as he will come back, Karan questions what happened when Rishab asks him to park the car as he needs to go back to the house, Rishab leaves when Karan asks Nidhi to come in the front seat, Nidhi is glad that Rishab left as she would just have to handle Karan which she knows.

Pandit jee asks everyone to come to the front and pray to Bhagwan that he gives his blessings to this new couple, Preeta is thinking about Shristhi who was always by her side in each and every festival, she turns to Rajveer with a smile on her face however thinks he is really missing Shristhi because there is a void in her life, she knows Shristhi desired the both should get married and t is happening so now even she should come back. Pandit jee is still performing the pooja, Rajveer and palki start saying at each other while n the Pooja meanwhile everyone is also happy, Shaurya and Sandy also enter the Pooja, Rajveer is not aware of their presence when Sandy asks what is the planning,

Shaurya says that he would go to hug Rajveer and with that slip the package in his pocket so their work would be complete, Sandy pulls Shaurya outside, informing if he went there and did it all but made a mistake after which his father found out then would find everything, Shaurya says that he would say they came to wish him for his Roka, Sandy says that he is the father of Shaurya who found out about the jacket but Shaurya must know that Rajveer has come very close to his father so he should do everything but carefully, Sandy says that they would change their getup. Mohit gets a call but he is not able to hear it so leaves. Shaurya and Sandy enter the house.

Karan and Nidhi reach the house of Rajveer, Nidhi wonders how would she stop Karan from entering the house of Rajveer, she stops him asking if he does not think he has parked the car in the wrong place as it is in the middle of the road, karan says that he would come back after parking the car on the right spot, Nidhi smiles but Mohit is shocked seeing karan Luthra so thinks of informing Rajveer.Preeta goes to pandit jee asking if all the things needed for the Pooja is present, pandit jee explains that the pooja before the Roka has been finishsed while after fifteen minutes they would perform the function, Preeta agrees with the Pandit jee.

Shaurya and Sandy while walking bump into Shanaya, they quickly turn away so that she does not recognize them both, Shanaya questions them but they donot turn back, she gets frustrated saying she was talking to them both but they are very rude, she leaves so Sandy and Shaurya are relieved and rush once again.

Daljeet is checking when Mr Khurana says that Rajveer and palki are looking very good together, Daljeet says that people used to even say to them both that they look very good they both know it is not the truth, she leaves. Mohit comes through the main door and bumps into Gurpreet as he did not see her, she questions what is his problem when he runs to Rajveer apologizing for it all. Mohit informs him that Karan Luthra is here, Rajveer gets worried saying that if he sees maa then it would cause a lot of problem, Rajveer then causes Preeta to turn saying he is thirsty so she calls the waiter, Gurpreet notices Karan Luthra and realizes this is why Rajveer and Mohit are worried, she thinks she has to do something. Gurpreet tells Preeta that pandit jee has asked them to bring the yogurt so could she bring it, preeta leaves. Nidhi also enters the house when karan asks why did she take such long time to come in, Karan sees Rajveer so goes to stand behind him, he pats on the shoulder of Rajveer who is shocked seeing Karan Luthra while he is smiling.

Shaurya and Sandy enter the room when Sandy asks what is his plan, Shaurya says that they would surely plant the drugs but just have to disguise, Sandy says they should disguise as a fake moustache and beard while even make a pimple, Shaura questions what is it on his face so Sandy suggests they should shave it off, Shaurya sits on the couch exclaiming they donot know what to do, he sees a cloth so explains that they would cover themselves wit it, Shaurya shows it to Sandy after which they both start covering their heads with it and even wear the glasses that are on the table, Shaurya asks Sandy to come with him.

Karan says he knew Rajveer would be shocked and even said it to Rishab, Gurpreet says he would be shocked since there is even a Roka function at his own house, Karan says Rjaveer is like their family member so he had to come here, Nidhi also comes to congratulate Rajveer, Shanaya sees karan Luthra so goes to meet her when Daljeet also follows her, Priyanka tells palki that Rajveer is really very sweet but Shauyra is a bad boy, Palki warns her to stop talking nonsense, Palki is staring at Karan. Priyanka questions the reason when palki explains that today is also the Roka of Shaurya and Shanaya and there would be a lot of work but he is here. Shanaya and Daljeet greet Karan who also greets them, Nidhi questions what is Shanaya doing here as today is even her Roka, Daljeet says she felt very nice that they both came to their house as she desired a lot to meet them when the wedding was fixed, she is glad that they are smiling the Roka function of palki. Karan asks Rajveer where is his complete family since today is his Roka, Rajveer says that everyone is here, pointing at Gurpreet and Mohit. Karan agrees saying he knows this is his family but he meant the complete family, Gurpreet questions what is Rajveer doing standing here so should instruct the DJ to set some good songs, Karan is left shocked when palki notices him so goes to greet him along with her father, Karan wishes them when he even wishes him back, Nidhi notices that Karan is still searching for someone, he turns back in a state of tension.

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