Kundali Bhagya 5th December 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 5th December 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

oday’s Kundali Bhagya 5th December 2023 episode starts with  Pandit jee asks Rajveer to call his father as either of the parent can fulfill it, Rajveer replies that he does not have a father but then Karan exclaims he is the father of Rajveer, hearing which everyone is shocked including Nidhi and Shaurya, Daljeet gets excited thinking is he just saying or would he even give him some inheritance, Karan says that Kavya considers Rajveer her brother and he fulfills each and every responsibility, Shaurya thinks that this is why he wants to get rid of Rajveer, karan says that if Kavya is his daughter then he would be the father of Rajveer or like a father, Shaurya and Nidhi both are furious.

Gurpreet seeing karan remembers when he assured that he will make sure everything gets fine and advised her to take care of Preeta. Gurpreet thinks Karan seems a nice person but she does not know why did he give so much pain to Preeta in the past because he seems very nice, karan says he can perform the ritual of the Roka if Rajveer does not have any objection to it, they all are waiting for the response of Rajveer who turns to look at Palki when she also signals him, he then is about to refuse but Gurpreet agrees explaining that Karan can fulfill this ritual, she informs Rajveer that his mother is not present here and it is the auspicious time of the Roka, it even pertains to his relation with palki so what if his mother is not present here then what happened as his father is here, she corrects herself explaining Karan is like his father.

Rajveer agrees when karan asks him to say it so he finally agrees to it. Pandit jee asks Karan to come forward who with a smile on his face walks to stand in front of both Rajveer and palki, Pandit jee asks him to place the Chunri on the head of Palki, Karan while smiling covers Palki with the Chunri, he then takes the thali in his hand and applies the Tika on Palki first after which he does the same with Rajveer who keeps looking at Karan. Karan then starts performing the Arti of both Rajveer and Palki Karan then gives Paki the Shugun and taking a large amount of money from his pocket, he places it on the Thali before kissing Palki on the had who is not able to control herself, he even shows his blessings to Rajveer who gets emotional.

Pandit jee explains that the function of Roka has ended and from now on they both are tied in a relation, palki gets up to take the blessings of Karan and hugs him, he blesses her while Rajveer is just standing there staring at Karan and about to take his blessings but Karan stops him while opening his hands to hug him, Rajveer not being able to control himself hugs Karan tightly while crying but he consoles Rjaveer seeing which both Nidhi and Shaurya get furious. Daljeet goes to Nidhi saying she wanted to talk about something important regarding the Roka then what would they talk about. Karan says that now the Roka function has need so they should have the sweets, he gives them to Mr Khurana while they all come to bless both Rajveer and Palki. Mr Khurana also hugs him but just then the constables enters the house saying they all should enter the house, Karan asks the Inspector what is going on and is there a problem.

Preeta demands they should open the door as she has been locked here, she wonders how would she get this door open, Preeta rushes to pick the box and tries to unlock it with a pin but it is jammed, she gets worried so starts knocking on the door calling anyone to come and unlock the door. Preeta thinks about calling Rajveer so goes to look for her phone, she thinks she might not have brought her phone which is still outside.

The inspector says they are searching for two boys who had drugs but managed to run away, Karan is also shocked when Rajveer informs that there is no one present here who would be involved in the drugs, Karan agrees with Rajveer saying that there is Roka function going on here, Mohit also says that the Inspector can search even when no one has come here who would use drugs, the inspector explains it is for them to decide and they would not let anyone leave until they find the culprit.

Daljeet along with Shanaya say that they are women so should be allowed to leave but the Inspector refuses when Daljeet says they even have to attend the Roka of her daughter Shanaya explains that they came to the Roka here but now it has ended and they have to make a lot of preparations. Shanaya says she has to get ready and look really pretty but the Inspector does not listen to anything and refuses, Shanaya says that he must respect the pain of a girl as her mother has told everyone but the Inspector orders the constable to arrest anyone who tries to leave. Palki stops Shanaya explaining she knows they cannot distrube the investigation but today si the Roka of her younger sister and even she had her Roka but it has been finished and they need to get to the Roka.

She informs that her father is a compounder in the city hospital where she is the doctor while her younger sister is the fashion designer when the Inspector allows them, Rajveer asks palki to not be worried since there is no one present here who uses drugs, Karan asks the inspector to not be worried as he will personally help them including Rajveer who even thinks that he should help them since he must make sure Karan Luthra stays away from his mother. Gurpreet is also worried since now Karan Luthra would surely see Preeta je.

Mr Khurana enters the house asking Daljeet to give him some water but she is tensed, Daljeet says that she is worried as there was a lot of drama there including the police who came to check for the drugs, Palki says that it is nothing of the sort as they know that everyone here is innocent so what is the problem, Daljeet questions what does Palki think about, she was worried what would the Luthra family think about them if they got late but she is glad that Mr Karan Luthra and Nidhi jee were already present there, she is not happy as the house of Rajveer got filled up even when there was just a small number of guests but now they must see what happens in the Luthra Mansion. Mr Khurana questions if they are not getting late, Shanaya and Daljeet both agree they are getting late so rush to get ready. Mr Khurana goes to Palki, advising her to not take the words of her mother seriously as she is not bad at heart, palki replies she is not bothered by her mother so will bring water for him, but Mr Khurana says that he will go to his room and have water.

Priyanka says that she is confused because she feels that Shaurya loves Palki while they are having the Roka of Shaurya and Shanaya but palki asks Priyanka to stop talking of Shaurya as he is a not a nice person and would never like her. Palki questions wen will Priyanka congratulate him, Palki says that she would also see Rajveer once the search ends when Priyanka teases her, she asks Priyanka to come as they must get ready for the Roka of Shanaya.

The guests are requesting the Inspector to let them go, Gurpreet questions how do they know that the drug peddlers have come here, the constable asks her to remain quiet informing that their Inspector has taken a vow to end this problem. Pandit jee requests them to let him go as he had to go and perform the Roka at some other location but he is not allowed to leave. Nidhi thinks they are not stopping so she can think of some plan, she thinks she must secretly pick up her phone which she can use to do something, Nidhi secretly manages to pick her phone.

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