Kundali Bhagya 6th November 20232023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 6th November 2023 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Kundali Bhagya  episode starts with Preeta running inside Srishti’s room while the doctor tries to stop them.Gurpreet talks to the doctor and asks him to understand that Preeta is Srishti’s sister and he has to meet her.The doctor agrees to let Preeta be with Srishti for 5 minutes and goes inside the hospital room, Preeta cries remembering her moments with Srishti as Rajveer consoles her.Outside, Mohit consoles an emotional Gurpreet when she sees Preeta and Rajveer crying.

Furthermore, Preeta comes out of the hospital and walks aimlessly on the road while Gurpreet pulls her back and asks her to look at the oncoming traffic.However, Preeta cries that she cannot live without Srishti and cries that no one will lovingly call her ‘Di’.Preeta says that Srishti is not just her sister but her everything and she has failed to save her.Gurpreet consoles her asking her to pray for Srishti’s recovery and she consoles him while hugging him saying that no one can undo what has already happened.

Preeta cries in his arms and says that Srishti must be thinking that her sister will come and save her but she could not save her.Back at the Luthra house, Kareena brings juice for Bani who teases her saying that she has never done this.As soon as Rakhi comes there, Kavya laughs and says it is because Kritika has come.Bani jokingly says that Kareena is giving her Kritika’s love while Kareena says that she has equal love for both of them.

Rakhi supports Bani saying that Karin loves Kritika more, which makes Karin upset with both of them.Just then Nidhi comes there and questions him about Preeta and what is happening.They tell her that Preeta has been kept under observation in the hospital, from which Nidhi reveals that Karan does not know about Srishti’s condition and has lied to the family about Preeta being in the hospital.

She asks about Kritika and Mahesh and the family members inform her that they have gone to the office to pick up the courier and perform Diwali puja.Nidhi insists on asking what is in the parcel, while Rakhi innocently says that it will be a surprise for them and they will see after bringing it home.At Gurpreet’s house, Gurpreet tries to cheer everyone up after seeing their sad faces while Preeta cries again talking about how Srishti was the one who was most excited about Diwali.

She cries as Gurpreet and Palki console her and tell her that she should celebrate or at least do a puja for Srishti so that she returns home quickly.Rajeev also keeps crying and ignores Karan’s calls which makes Karan worried.He eventually picks up the call and Karan requests him to bring his entire family to the Luthra house for Diwali celebrations.Rajveer refuses but Gurpreet comes there and mutes the call as she asks Rajveer to go there so that the matter does not become suspicious.

Rajiv unmutes the call and agrees to come as Karan asks him to come only in the afternoon so that they can complete the office work also.He agrees and disconnects the call after which Karan considers himself happy that Preeta will be celebrating with them.Furthermore, Rajveer walks towards the window emotionally while Palki comes to him and consoles him.He thanks her for supporting him in this moment, to which she holds his face and tells him that she will be with him for the rest of her life as she hugs him.

At the Luthra house, Shaurya and his friend talk about why Luthra is a lecturer rather than a businessman because he likes lecturing.Just then Rishabh comes there and again starts convincing the family to leave the house last night without informing them.They start to leave but Rishabh stops them saying that Preeta is coming so they have to stay at home.Shaurya leaves saying that she will not come while Rishabh says that Preeta has to come for the family.

Later, Daljeet and Rakhi talk about Preeta and how this Diwali will be complete.They decide to announce Shaurya-Shanaya and Rajveer-Palki’s engagement at the Diwali party.Daljeet becomes happy as she asks Shanaya to tell the journalists that they will get breaking news on Luthra’s Diwali party.


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