Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2023 episode starts with Shaurya coming to his room and getting angry seeing Shanaya sleeping soundly on his bed. While praising yourself, paint the face of the CCTV camera and pour water on Shanaya’s face.Shanaya wakes up first and questions Shaurya about what he has done.Meanwhile, Shaurya tells Shanaya that he does not love her at all.

Shanaya is shocked and wonders why Shaurya is saying this and then she remembers what happened a few minutes ago.Shaurya tells her that what he has said has been seen by Nidhi and Karan as well as the entire Luthra clan.After a while, Shaurya tells Shanaya that he wants her to go downstairs and tell the entire family that whatever she said was under the influence of some drug and has no meaning.Shanaya enjoys the moment of victory seeing Shaurya so out of control but tells him that she is sorry that he had to suffer like this.


Outside Shaurya’s room, Shanaya says to herself that she would be a fool if she let this golden opportunity go.She is also worried that she will face defeat if Shaurya tells his family that he does not love her nor wants to marry her.After a while, she comes up with an idea to get the sympathy of the Luthra family and then Shaurya will have to marry her even if he does not want to.As Shanaya comes down, Nidhi is the first to see her and scolds her badly for being too loud and not listening to her warning and going close to Shaurya.

The Luthra family is shocked by Nidhi’s bad behavior and Karan scolds her for talking poorly to a guest, who also happens to be Palki’s sister.Shanaya remains silent while Nidhi tells her that Shaurya is a celebrity and belongs to the upper class so a middle class girl like Shanaya can never become his life partner.Rishabh stops Nidhi and tells her that the family elders are there and only they will decide who can marry Shaurya or not.

However, Nidhi tells him that they can decide but the girl should at least be of their class.Meanwhile, Mahesh tells everyone not to spoil everyone’s mood by making a drama out of something that is just emerging.Karan also tells Nidhi that they are Luthras and they do not talk cheaply about class differences and the only relationship he values is the bond of the heart.He gives her the example of Palki’s relationship with grandmother and the rest of the family and tells her that nothing can be more important than this.

Nidhi once again tries to humiliate Shanaya when Rakhi asks her to shut up and now it’s time for her to remember that Shaurya’s mother was also from the middle class.Nidhi is shocked to hear the mention of Preeta while Rakhi tells her that Preeta came into their lives as a doctor but she won everyone’s hearts and made this house her own.Enumerating the many qualities of Preeta who filled this house with happiness, Rakhi tells her that she never expected to find another girl like her, but in the palanquin she sees Preeta’s shadow.

At the mention of Preeta, everyone gets nostalgic while Rajveer also joins them and asks everyone what is happening.Rishabh tells her not to worry as small disputes happen in all families.Meanwhile, Rakhi keeps telling Nidhi that ever since she met Palki, she wants her to be Shaurya’s wife, but she is equally happy to have her as Rajveer’s wife as he is also her grandson.Meanwhile, Shanaya is surprised to get Luthra’s support and tries to cash in on it by being innocent and meek.

She folds her hands apologizing and tells them that she doesn’t know what she drank or ate due to which she got intoxicated and she confesses her feelings to Shaurya but it is not Shaurya’s fault so they He should not scold him.She also says that Nidhi is right that she is definitely a middle class girl while Rakhi feels Shanaya’s pain and tells her that she likes her a lot and that she should go home and tell Daljeet that Rakhi likes him very much.Nidhi looks at Rakhi stunned, while Rakhi keeps saying that Daljeet should not look for boys for her as she will be Shaurya’s wife.


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