Meet 1st November 2023 Written Update

Meet 1st November 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Meet1st November 2023 episode starts with Sakshi and Shagun together, Shagun is worried and calls Raunak. Raunak finds himself surrounded by media journalists who ask him why he stopped performing. He explains that he is giving a chance to new talent, especially “Wonderboy”, who lights up the stage. Meanwhile, Shagun tries to call Raunak, but he does not answer her call.

Raunak’s girlfriend has expressed her desire to propose him through a song. Sumeet realizes that if people find out that Raunak is not actually Wonderboy, it could cause trouble for him. To save Raunak’s image, Sumeet makes a deal with Shagun to help him. The condition is that Shagun tears the contract paper that Shlok had signed.

Shlok tells Shagun that he will wait near the car until she decides what to do. Poonam asks Raj about Pankhuri’s health, but before he can answer, Pankhuri distracts him and takes him away. Sumeet reminds Shagun that Raunak can reveal the truth under pressure, which will expose Wonderboy’s true identity. Shagun instructs Sakshi to bring the contract paper. Meanwhile, the media and Raunak’s girlfriend put pressure on Raunak to sing. Shlok hears everything.

Shagun tears up the contract papers and informs Sumeet that their work is complete, and Shlok knows what to do next. Raj remembers that he left his letter when Pankhuri became unconscious and worries that someone else will find it. Poonam notices Raj’s nervousness and decides to talk to Sumeet.

Raunak looks at Shlok and signals him to start singing. As soon as Shlok sings, he starts lip-syncing. Sumeet shows the proof to Shagun, and asks her to wait for the climax. Suddenly, Shlok stops singing, revealing Raunak’s real voice. He gets a slap from his girlfriend for cheating. Shagun scolds Sumeet for cheating on her despite following her instructions.

Media reports say that Raunak was cheating by posing as Wonderboy and giving a fake voice. The verse goes on, sings and reveals the truth. He admits that he has always been the voice behind Wonderboy, while Raunak only lip-synced. Sumeet confronts Raunak for exposing him to the consequences of Shagun’s misguided parenting, causing Shagun to cry.

Shlok hands over the dhol to Sumeet, and she plays it around Shagun and Sakshi. Poonam told Sumeet that Raj is stressed about something. Pankhuri pretends to faint again. Raj explains that Pankhuri needs treatment for mental trauma, which he plans to get done in America.

Poonam trusts Raj but reminds him that if Pankhuri goes alone with him then society may question his decision. Sumeet suggests that Raj take Priyanka with him. Later, she tries to get Raj to reveal the truth but fails. Pankhuri starts plotting to stop Priyanka from attending her visa interview.

Precap: Sumeet says to Shlok do you think going to America will be of any benefit for Pankhuri’s health condition.Pankhuri says in next 5 minutes Priyanka will scream and the dumbbell will fall on her foot.Sumeet walks inside her room with Shlok and says in this house only you use dumbbells, that too in the porch area, so how did it come above the shelf in Pankhuri’s room. Sumeet found nail extensions near the shelf.Sumeet asks about nail extensions. The nail artist lady says that we had applied the same nails for Pankhuri during her visit.Sumeet says someone close to me is trying to hurt someone who is also close to me, I don’t understand whom to support.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Meet

ANS. You can watch Meet online on ZEE5 or it will telecast on ZEETV

Q1. Meet upcoming story

ANS. Shagun instructs the goons to burn Shlok’s house.
Shlok busy with Sakshi.Seeing the fire, Sumit tries to reach Shlok along with other family members

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