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Meet 4th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Meet Aaj October 4 episode starts with Sumeet thinking that Bilawal is searching for him, while Shlok approaches him and asks about the embassy.She then tells Shlok that the embassy has agreed to help them and that Shlok will have to live as Adil, while the real Adil, on the other hand, runs away.Amidst all this, Naaz sits in the car and calls Bilwar saying that she is going to the mosque, while from behind, the real Adil tries to get Naaz’s attention by calling him.

However, Naaz does not hear anything about it as he is in the car, causing Adil to get into an auto and thus chase Naaz.

Sumeet sees all this and gets nervous and tells Shlok that they have to stop Adil somehow.Back in India, Priyanka tries to commit suicide but Chaudhary and Raj break the door of her room and stop her from committing suicide.Ashok asks how Priyanka could even think of killing herself, but Priyanka cries and says that Raj does not deserve a characterless woman like her.Raj then consoles Priyanka by saying that she is not characterless while Masoom and Pankhuri tell each other that Raj and Priyanka are growing stronger in love instead of breaking up.

He then tells Chaudhary that he will catch the person who leaked Pankhuri’s video and promises Pankhuri that he will not spare the culprit.Hearing this, Pankhuri thinks in her mind that Raj will never be able to find her because he has done everything very well.In Pakistan, Naaz gets down from her car and proceeds towards the mosque and distributes clothes to the needy From behind, Adil follows him and without informing Adil, Sumeet and Shlok also follow him, so that he cannot reach Naaz.

Later, Naaz notices from a corner that Naaz expresses her gratitude to Allah for bringing Adil in her life by making a verse.She then sees Shlok’s wanted poster and then prays to Allah to put Shlok in jail, which brings peace to Bilawal.Naaz further prays to Allah so that she can take revenge on Sumeet for imprisoning Adil when she notices Shlok.As she ties the sacred thread, she thinks in her mind that Allah has accepted her prayer, while on the other hand, Adil comes across Naaz.

This causes Shlok to run away and Sumeet sees Adil from a corner, who tries to talk to Naaz.Suddenly, Naaz’s sacred thread falls which makes her worried, after which she asks Adil why he is coming in her way.Adil says he is here to show him the right path but Naaz tells him not to act manipulative, else Shlok will kill him.Meanwhile, Shlok comes and asks Naaz what is happening, to which Naaz says that Aadil is harassing her.

However, Adil tells Naaz that Shlok is a fraud which shocks Naaz, while meanwhile, Bilawal enters the car to pick Naaz from the mosque.On the other hand, Naaz scolds Adil for misbehaving with Shlok and leaves with him, but Adil catches her.Adil then said that there was a delay in his coming to Pakistan and he also tried to inform Naaz about it, but it could not reach him and further said that Sumeet and Shlok had kidnapped himNaaz then asks Shlok to confirm that it is Adil whom she has fallen in love with but Adil tells Naaz that Shlok is trying to use her to come back to India.

Hearing this, Naaz falls on her back but Shlok catches her, causing Naaz to brutally remove her hand from him. Sumeet runs away, while Naaz looks at both of them and says that Indians only understand the language of hatred.Shlok apologizes to Naz, saying that he never wanted to hurt her, while Sumeet asks Naz if he thinks Shlok could be a spy.Sumeet urges Naaz to follow his heart, but Naaz says that Shlok is a danger to everyone, to which Sumeet says that Shlok had tried to give him a letter but Akki had changed it.

Meanwhile, Bilawal gets upset as Naaz is not picking up his call, while on the other hand, Adil urges Naaz to call Bilawal and Sumeet requests Naaz to listen to his heart.However, Naaz says that Shlok deserves the death penalty and Sumeet says that he will see how much power Pakistan has over Shlok’s innocence.


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