Pandya Store 17th November 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 17th November 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Pandya Store 17th November 2023 episode starts with Natasha thinking about Isha. Dhaval says Natasha was looking restless, did she hear our words, I will find her. Natasha leaves the house. She thinks what to do. She reaches the temple and listens to the Pandit. Dhaval calls him. Natasha prays in the temple. He gets a flower. She cries. She looks at Dhaval and asks what are you doing here. he argues. She says pray that this Diwali is the best for you. He asks are you crazy about Diwali. She makes him pray.

Chiku says Suman asked you to stay till Diwali, you can go if you want. Isha says no, I was fixing the window. He gets a call and leaves. Natasha asks what is your scene with Isha, I can see everything, you are taking care of yourself, you can’t lie to me. He says get yourself checked, why did you run after Isha, tell me, tell the truth. Natasha lies to him. She says just keep an eye on Isha, don’t let her go anywhere. He says tell me what is the scene. She says you have fallen in love with her. She thinks what else can I say to stop Isha.

He says you all have gone mad. She says Isha should not go anywhere. He smiles. Dolly and Pranali make rangoli. Golu plays with firecrackers. Hetal goes to get the lamps. She asks Dolly and Pranali to come along. Amba is sitting sad. She imagines Isha and smiles. She doesn’t look at him and cries. Natasha looks on. Amba says you are in the city, yet you did not come home on Diwali, I feel very sad. Natasha gets an idea. She goes to other daughters-in-law. Dolly says that when I make videos, I will get many followers. The system says you should think about everyone. Dolly says sorry, Amba and everyone got sad hearing about Isha. Hetal says Amba is restless, her daughter has gone away from her, she will not be interested in any celebration.

Natasha says we can bring him back. The system says please, don’t say that, it’s not a drama. Natasha says life is a drama, don’t you think Isha should come back home, I know you all love Isha a lot, you want her to come back but you are scared. Chabeli says this gift will be from Natasha’s side, this heavy bundle is from Dolly’s side. Amba says everyone is same, they are enjoying luxury here, see their Diwali gifts. Chabeli says that Natasha’s necklace is cheap and Dolly’s necklace is expensive. Amba says Dolly is from a rich family, I don’t like Natasha.

Chabeli says they are lucky, you have a big heart. Natasha says everyone loves Isha but their anger stops them, Hetal is the eldest and she must have seen everyone’s love for Isha. Hetal recalls that Amrish got a gift for Isha. Amrish says why did you leave the house Isha, you should have listened to me at least once. He keeps the gift in the cupboard. Hetal thinks that there is love and anger in him. She tells Natasha about the gifts. She says that Amrish has a soft and sensitive heart, he loves his family very much. Natasha remembers Amrish’s words.

Hetal says he brings gifts for Isha on every festival and keeps her here, Amrish wipes his tears and walks away like a strict and confident Amrish. She shows the clothes, jewelery and gifts she got for Isha. She says his anger and stubbornness overpowers his love, if someone doesn’t listen to him he gets angry at him, forgive me, I can’t support you. Amba says I have sold all my jewelery to make life of my children better, this jewelery belongs to Isha, who ran away after breaking our heart, I made this jewelery for her wedding, she is back in this city. She has come, I want to bless her. We should never love someone so much that our life falls apart after he goes away. She cries. Natasha says I need your help, please, if we want we can end Isha’s exile, we will bring her back, we have to make Amrish feel your pain, only then can he allow you to meet his family. Yes it can happen, will you all support me.

Natasha says I have to introduce Isha to her family. The daughters-in-law come to Pandya’s house. Suman and Isha are shocked to see masked intruders.

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ANS. You can watch Pandya Store online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

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